Morgan Hersh – Blog Post 1: Introduction

Hi! I’m Morgan Hersh and I am a junior from Short Hills, NJ (about 12 miles outside of NYC). I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in Education and an MMS certificate. I have always loved working with kids which is why I originally chose to pursue an Education minor. In this course, I hope to learn more about the history of Durham as it pertains to the role of education in the city. I am also curious to see what connections there are between the history of Durham and the history of the city of Newark, NJ, as Newark has been a huge part of my childhood. 

On campus, I am very involved with Duke Football. I am one of the managers of the team as well as an operations intern with the team. Many of my weekends in the fall are spent traveling with the team to away games. I hope to work in sports once I graduate. In addition, I am part of the club soccer team here at Duke. I am very close to my family and they come visit here often. I also have a twin brother who is an athlete at Duke. 

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