Xie Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hi, I am Kira Xie, a first-year computational media MA. I am from Guangzhou, China, a city in southern China.  I’ve lived in Guangzhou for most of my life, but I had lived in Shanghai and Ottawa for a while too. I like driving around to explore new places every time I move to a new place. I love travelling to different places and experience local culture.

I first learned about Digital Durham from Wired! Lab opening day and I got interested in the class after the presentation. I never heard of Durham before coming to Duke, and everything in Durham is so new to me – the southern culture, the tobacco campus, local brewing factories, etc. I actually haven’t explored Durham though I already spent almost 6 months here. I really want to know more about Durham’s history and culture through this course. This course seems to be a good combination of history, visual studies and multimedia storytelling. I want to explore more about Durham’s past and present through engaging with the materials that this course provides and hopefully I could also get some inspiration about my final thesis.

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