Helen Healey – Introduction!

Hi! My name is Helen Healey and I’m a sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey. I have not declared my major yet, but I think I am going to study Visual Media Studies and History with a minor in Education. It has taken me a lot of time to figure out this combination, fortunately though, I am feeling pretty good about it still, so that’s good!

Since coming to Duke, I have absolutely loved getting to know Durham. I was part of the Knowledge in the Service of Society Focus cluster and had the opportunity to work off campus in schools and retirement homes very often! Durham is such a great city and once I saw this Bass Connections group, I knew I wanted to apply. I am looking forward to diving deep into the archives on Durham’s history and making it more accessible to the public. My favorite part about studying history is connecting it to the present and that is what I think is the best part of this project.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in a variety of programs. I am a tour guide and love showing Duke to prospective students. I am a big fan of sports and love going to the Duke Football and Basketball games as much as possible. I am part of GateKeepers, a club that promotes student attendance at the football games. I am also a member of a sorority on campus. I love taking documentary photography and filmmaking classes and am just in general very excited for this semester!

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