Hendrix Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hello! I’m Sarah Hendrix, and I am a senior from Concord, North Carolina (a 15 minute drive from Charlotte, NC) majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics and Russian. After I took several courses in the Information Sciences and Studies Department and enjoyed each of them, the department became my go-to when searching for interesting, small classes. During my sophomore year, I took a course where we explored Parrish Street and the Museum of Durham History to learn about the history of race and economics in Durham. The museum contained more than I could absorb in one visit, and it prompted me to start spending more time in Durham and to consider the relationship between Durham and Duke. It is easy to become comfortable in the “Duke bubble” and forget about the city surrounding this university, so as someone in her last semester here, I want to learn all I can about this historic city and create something that can teach others about it.

Outside of the classroom, I am very involved in the Duke marching and pep band, which allows me to combine my interests in playing the trumpet, supporting Duke, spending time with a fantastic group of people, and watching football and basketball! I am a tour guide and enjoy discussing my time at Duke and in Durham with prospective students and families. I used to be an application developer on campus and now work as a computer science UTA, but as an avid hiker I also like to venture off campus to the Eno River State Park to explore the trails and take in the views.

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