hey everyone!

Hey y’all,

My name is Kristel. Like I said in the earlier class, I am from Fayetteville, NC, but more specifically Hope Mills. I have lived there all my life, but I was born in Panamá City, Panamá and I lived there for a short 2 years. Yes, I am Panamanian. I am proudly Afro-Latina.

Some things about my family – I have one sister, one brother, and two half-brothers. My half brothers are older than me, but I am the oldest of my other two siblings. My sister goes to the University of Miami and my brother is patiently waiting for his college acceptances! My mom is one of greatest inspirations and she will be graduating next year with me – it’s truly awesome.

Here at school, I am very social and I very involved in the black community. I am apart of The Bridge and DUU. I also volunteer with Durham Public Schools. I have a lot of different interests – medicine, public health, sociology, education, social justice, and so much more. I tend to stay super involved with many things on campus and I always stay busy.

Fun things about me are that I love to work out, tweet, be goofy, and have energizing experiences.

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