Philip Moss Post 1 – Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Philip and I am senior studying Computer Science. I am from South Bend, IN, a small city know for its manufacturing past, Notre Dame, and for having the world’s largest chocolate store (look it up!). I have lived there all my life and hope eventually to move back to the Midwest region.  I am the oldest of 6 children; 1 boy and 5 girls. Yes, I have 5 sisters.

On campus,  I am a fourth year scholar in the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program and serve as the chair of the Jazz@ Committee. Also, I am working with other students to start a group called SIMI (Student Institutional Memory Initiative). After Duke, I hope to begin integrating my knowledge of technology with my passion for social work and economic justice. The topics that I am most interested in studying are data science, sociology, community organizing, and STEM education.

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