Reading Group


Nasser Rabbat Readings – Egypt

Staging the City

Circling the Sqaure

Readings for March 31st – Tokyo

Note: This reading group will be discussing Professor Yoshimi’s recent MOOC on edX “Visualizing Postwar Tokyo Part 1-2” available in archived form on edX. The course is free and simply requires enrollment to view materials. Video materials from the course and additional visual materials will be discussed in the RGC reading session.


Readings for March 2nd – Cemal Kafadar, Istanbul

Reading 1 – The Political and Cultural Climate of Istanbul in the 1650s

Reading 2 – Riffraff

Reading 3 – How Dark

Reading 4 – Coffee History

Reading 5 – A Rome of One’s Own

Reading 6 – Self and Others


Readings for January 21 – Bogotá

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies



Readings for September 18

Aesthetics of Superfluity

Privatising Cape Town


Readings for October 30

Fabio Lanza, Behind the Gate, Cover Page and Intro

Fabio Lanza, Ch 6, Between Streets and Monuments

Fabio Lanza, Epilogue

Hariman, Robert and John Louis Lucaites, “Liberal Representation and Global Order: Tiananmen Square”

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen

Behind the Scenes: A New Angle on History

Tiananmen Square at 25

Viewfinder 1989 in Tiananmen Square


Readings for November 19

Malcolm McCullough, selections from Ambient Commons: Attention the Age of Embodied Information


Readings for December 3

Chapter 4, Populist democracy

Residential Architecture in Istanbul


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