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May 2022 Issue

Sonny Boy: Coming of Age in Non-Euclidean Space by Akshaj Turebylu

Identity Politics of Survivor by Heidi Smith

An Ersatz Escape: Myrtle Beach and the American Vacation by Heidi Smith








November 2021 Issue


Tempestuous Virtue: On Miranda and Ferdinand by Akshaj Turebylu

Who Am I? Aaliyah, the Gulf War, and Hyperreality by Gautam Iyer

What Is Land Back? by Quinn Smith

A Culinary Trip With Baptist Knaven by Rennica Huang





Dives Summer 2021


Review: Untamed (2015) by Saralyn Carcy

Commentary: Promising Young Woman (2020) by Victoria Wang

Review: Buy Dirt (2021) by Saralyn Carcy

Review: Bringing Up Baby (1938) by Saralyn Carcy

Review: Sex Education (2019) by Victoria Wang

Commentary: Holiday (1938) by Saralyn Carcy

Review: Nudyland (2017) by Gautam Iyer

Commentary: Woman of the Year (1942) by Saralyn Carcy


March/April 2021



An Ode to the Strange World of Corporatism and Modernity by Gautam Iyer

A Shaky Case for Wobbly Snakes by Peter Nam

In Response to Atlanta by Victoria Wang


Native Land Acknowledgements: Instigators of Change by Quinn Smith

International Affairs

Memories of Saint Maur by Pyokyeong Son

Tea Traditions around the World by Rennica Huang


February 2021


Satoshi Kon’s Metaphysics of Dreaming by Akshaj Turebylu

The World According to Artists by Noam Cherki

Crime and Punishment and the Muppets by Peter Nam


On the New York Knicks, America, and the Nature of Patriotism by Gautam Iyer

Swanson Song: Remembering the TV Dinner by Peter Nam

Oh Love, It Hurts So Good! by Victoria Wang

Politics & International Affairs

What Are Tribal Nations and Reservations? by Quinn Smith

The Power of Public Square Dancing by Rennica Huang


Winter Break 2020-2021



American Interventionism: Thoughts From Mark Twain by Akshaj Turebylu

Murakami Haruki’s World in Norwegian Wood by Pyokyeong Son

The Music of Outer Space by Kamdon Early


It’s Still a Man’s World by Victoria Wang

A Letter to Rap Old-heads, Music Purists, and Other Prophets of Musical Doom by Gautam Iyer


Real Indians and Fake Indians by Quinn Smith

Part 3: A New Grand Strategy by Lihong Wang

International Affairs

A Hakka State of Mind by Rennica Huang

November 2020


Who Runs the Kitchen at Wuthering Heights? by Akshaj Turebylu

Should We Unplug Michael Nanasakov? by Peter Nam

Culture, Politics & International Affairs

When Will Science Be in the Service of All? by Rennica Huang

We Talk About Privilege a Lot, But What Does it Actually Mean? by Gautam Iyer

An Expansion of Tribal Sovereignty is Essential to Protecting Women by Quinn Smith

Part 2: What’s Past is Prologue by Lihong Wang


October 2020

October Issue Title Page?Editor’s Note


Sing, Electric!, or—Emily Dickinson as Neuroscientist by Akshaj Turebylu

Jazz in a (Empty) Room—Swing—Pitching to the Empty Batter’s Box by Kamdon Early

So Bad It’s Good: The Art of Failure by Peter Nam

Culture, Politics & International Affairs

A Stolen History, Future Claims: The Blackfeet Nation and Glacier National Park by Quinn Smith

“You’re Cancelled!” Approaching Cancel Culture with Care by Gautam Iyer

Part 1: A House Divided by Lihong Wang





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