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My name is Kristel. Like I said in the earlier class, I am from Fayetteville, NC, but more specifically Hope Mills. I have lived there all my life, but I was born in Panamá City, Panamá and I lived there for a short 2 years. Yes, I am Panamanian. I am proudly Afro-Latina.

Some things about my family – I have one sister, one brother, and two half-brothers. My half brothers are older than me, but I am the oldest of my other two siblings. My sister goes to the University of Miami and my brother is patiently waiting for his college acceptances! My mom is one of greatest inspirations and she will be graduating next year with me – it’s truly awesome.

Here at school, I am very social and I very involved in the black community. I am apart of The Bridge and DUU. I also volunteer with Durham Public Schools. I have a lot of different interests – medicine, public health, sociology, education, social justice, and so much more. I tend to stay super involved with many things on campus and I always stay busy.

Fun things about me are that I love to work out, tweet, be goofy, and have energizing experiences.

Blog 1- Intro (Tilahun)



My name is Edom Tilahun. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I moved to the United States in the hopes of a higher education and a better life 8 years ago. I’ve lived in Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR and am now living in Northern Virginia, in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

I’m a junior studying Global Health and Visual Media Studies. On campus, I’m involved with The Bridge, DESTA and Baldwin Scholars Program. I love painting, photography and film. I’m excited to learn more about Durham, and making information about the city not only more accessible, but more interactive and creative.

Morgan Hersh – Blog Post 1: Introduction

Hi! I’m Morgan Hersh and I am a junior from Short Hills, NJ (about 12 miles outside of NYC). I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in Education and an MMS certificate. I have always loved working with kids which is why I originally chose to pursue an Education minor. In this course, I hope to learn more about the history of Durham as it pertains to the role of education in the city. I am also curious to see what connections there are between the history of Durham and the history of the city of Newark, NJ, as Newark has been a huge part of my childhood. 

On campus, I am very involved with Duke Football. I am one of the managers of the team as well as an operations intern with the team. Many of my weekends in the fall are spent traveling with the team to away games. I hope to work in sports once I graduate. In addition, I am part of the club soccer team here at Duke. I am very close to my family and they come visit here often. I also have a twin brother who is an athlete at Duke. 

Hendrix Blog Post 1 – Introduction

Hello! I’m Sarah Hendrix, and I am a senior from Concord, North Carolina (a 15 minute drive from Charlotte, NC) majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics and Russian. After I took several courses in the Information Sciences and Studies Department and enjoyed each of them, the department became my go-to when searching for interesting, small classes. During my sophomore year, I took a course where we explored Parrish Street and the Museum of Durham History to learn about the history of race and economics in Durham. The museum contained more than I could absorb in one visit, and it prompted me to start spending more time in Durham and to consider the relationship between Durham and Duke. It is easy to become comfortable in the “Duke bubble” and forget about the city surrounding this university, so as someone in her last semester here, I want to learn all I can about this historic city and create something that can teach others about it.

Outside of the classroom, I am very involved in the Duke marching and pep band, which allows me to combine my interests in playing the trumpet, supporting Duke, spending time with a fantastic group of people, and watching football and basketball! I am a tour guide and enjoy discussing my time at Duke and in Durham with prospective students and families. I used to be an application developer on campus and now work as a computer science UTA, but as an avid hiker I also like to venture off campus to the Eno River State Park to explore the trails and take in the views.

Goldberger Blog Post 1- Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Goldberger, and I am a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in History and Spanish while also pursuing the Jewish Studies Certificate. Because of all of these interests, I thought this course would allow me to explore a topic that I am yet to investigate in a way that would encourage touching and researching with primary documents. I have always loved the opportunity of using resources in the Rubenstein Library, and I believe that this course will give me the tools to learn more about effective research and interpretation of primary resources. On top of this, I think displaying this historical information digitally is a fascinating avenue to share what we learn as a class to a larger audience. Being from so close but never really having looked too deeply into the history of Durham, I hope to expand my knowledge of an area I consider home. There are many names deeply rooted into the Durham community – the Blackwells, the Dukes, Pauli Murray – and I want to delve into this history to learn what they contributed to this city to ensure that their names and memories would live long past their lives. I am really looking forward to what this collaborative space will bring throughout the next semester.

Outside of the classroom, I really enjoy running and reading! My goal this semester is to complete my second marathon in Virginia! I am currently living in the newest dorm on East Campus which has me playing too many car racing games. I also have discovered that I have a little travel bug in me, as I spent this past summer in Jerusalem, Israel and this last semester in Madrid, Spain! These experiences have allowed me to explore my interests in history and how history is remembered. I am really passionate about bringing awareness to mass atrocities committed in Spanish-speaking countries, and I think taking this class will introduce new ways to present and share information through a number of technological mediums.


Welcome to the Digital Durham course! We look forward to working with all of you this semester!

Meeting Recap – To Dos for 10/17/2017

Tax List Transcription:

(JPG files in Box) – we need to transcript 109 on (odd numbers), first several rows as indicate in the spreadsheet

  • V: 109, 111,113
  • Claire: 115, 117
  • Leanora: 119
  • Hannah: 121, 123

Georectification Plans: (V and Helen)

  • Water maps from 1950s and 60s
  • Fire Insurance maps (1884, 1888) and research what is in UNC collections
  • Gray Map 1881 – to be coupled with census data and tax list as a research cluster

Water Photos:

  • scanning (Courtney)
  • review of Rencher collection maps  online and in oversized folder to see what we need (Courtney)

Geoserver Convo: V, T, H talk to Joel and Brian about plans for Geonode and Drumeka, digital storytelling apps


Hello world!

The first meeting of the Fall Semester will be on Tuesday, September 5 at 10am in Rubenstein Library, Room 350. At that meeting we’ll identify sub-group areas and plan out our objectives for the upcoming semester.