Goldberger Blog Post 1- Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler Goldberger, and I am a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina majoring in History and Spanish while also pursuing the Jewish Studies Certificate. Because of all of these interests, I thought this course would allow me to explore a topic that I am yet to investigate in a way that would encourage touching and researching with primary documents. I have always loved the opportunity of using resources in the Rubenstein Library, and I believe that this course will give me the tools to learn more about effective research and interpretation of primary resources. On top of this, I think displaying this historical information digitally is a fascinating avenue to share what we learn as a class to a larger audience. Being from so close but never really having looked too deeply into the history of Durham, I hope to expand my knowledge of an area I consider home. There are many names deeply rooted into the Durham community – the Blackwells, the Dukes, Pauli Murray – and I want to delve into this history to learn what they contributed to this city to ensure that their names and memories would live long past their lives. I am really looking forward to what this collaborative space will bring throughout the next semester.

Outside of the classroom, I really enjoy running and reading! My goal this semester is to complete my second marathon in Virginia! I am currently living in the newest dorm on East Campus which has me playing too many car racing games. I also have discovered that I have a little travel bug in me, as I spent this past summer in Jerusalem, Israel and this last semester in Madrid, Spain! These experiences have allowed me to explore my interests in history and how history is remembered. I am really passionate about bringing awareness to mass atrocities committed in Spanish-speaking countries, and I think taking this class will introduce new ways to present and share information through a number of technological mediums.

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