March 17, 2013

CASE i3 Fellowship

CASE i3 Fellows are a critical part of CASE i3’s research, education and operations. CASE i3 Fellows exemplify and advance the culture that underlies Fuqua’s dedication to creating leaders of consequence: leaders able to work collaboratively, to apply a global perspective, and to engage skillfully to positively impact colleagues, clients, and communities. CASE i3 Fellows are selected second year MBA students who complete coursework in impact investing, support CASE i3’s research and operations, and complete a CASE i3 consulting project or apprenticeship. They have diverse backgrounds, ranging from former investment banker associates to nonprofit program managers, foundation staff, and management consultants. On average they have 5-7 years of work experience and all have a keen interest in the developing field of impact investing.

CASE i3 Fellows and Associates 2014-2015


CASE i3 Fellows work with a broader set of CASE i3 Associates, often first year students, in teams as part of the CASE i3 Consulting Program, which is a 6 credit, 2 term track of the Fuqua Client Consulting Program. CASE i3 Fellows and Associates work together with internal and external clients to build the field of impact investing.

CASE i3 Fellows, Associates and Professors 2013-2014

CASE i3 Fellows, Associates and Professors 2013-2014

The CASE i3 Fellowship provides both deep and broad educational opportunities for Fuqua students:

  • Incubate and enrich student impact investing activities at Fuqua
  • Provide trusted guidance and insights that advance the field through practitioner partnerships
  • Innovate new approaches for impact investing education and cross-curricular integration
  • Offer unique leadership opportunities that support the deep interests of students interested in impact investing career
  • Engage the broad Fuqua student body to familiarize every student with this emerging field

For more information about the application process and requirements for our Fellows, please download this flier.

Meet our current CASE i3 Student Leaders!

CASE i3 Fellowship applications are accepted in the Spring; CASE i3 Associate applications are accepted in Fall 1.

For more information about the CASE i3 Initiative on Impact Investing or the CASE i3 Fellowship, please contact the student co-chairs:

Meg Rudy, MBA Candidate ’22, 

Ben Sain, MBA Candidate ’22,