March 17, 2013

CASE i3 Student Leadership

The CASE i3 program for students at the Fuqua School of Business includes coursework, student leadership, consulting, and mentoring. Building on the lessons of the COLE fellowship at Fuqua,  CASE i3 is managed by CASE i3 Fellows  (second year MBA students) who work in teams with CASE i3 Associates (first year and second year MBA students). The CASE i3 Fellowship and Consulting programs operate on an academic year schedule, and more detail is available for students and practitioners.

CASE i3 launched in Fall 2011. Since then, more than 200 students have been part of the program. We currently have many Duke and Fuqua alumni working in impact investing.

Current Student Leaders: CASE i3 Fellows 2019-2020

Andy Chenlo, CASE i3 Fellow and Co-Chair

Prior to attending Fuqua, Andy worked at Coleman Research, a market research firm that works alongside buy-side and sell-side clients during their commercial due diligence. His journey into social impact began when he helped launch a non-profit soccer academy in Cape Town, South Africa, where he witnessed the power of entrepreneurship to transform communities. At Fuqua, Andy is the Co-Chair of CASEi3 and additionally serves as the President of the Soccer Club, and as a cabinet member of BLMBAO, LASA, and the Gender Equity Working Group.


Juliana Collamer, CASE i3 Fellow and Co-Chair

Prior to Fuqua, Juliana served as the Executive Director of Volunteers On Call and spent three years in major gifts fundraising at New Classrooms. She is focused on sustainable investing and was a Fellow at Impact Capital Managers, a network of market-rate impact investing funds with $11B AUM. Juliana is a CASE i3 Co-Chair and is working to incorporate social impact into Fuqua’s curriculum as the Academic Chair for the Net Impact Club.


Tate Byers, CASE i3 Fellow

Prior to Fuqua, Tate worked as a Consultant in Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations practice, focusing primarily on supply chain strategy and social impact engagements. He has experience working with social ventures to help them use data and analytics to make decisions, and is excited to continue pursuing this passion while at Fuqua. Outside of CASE i3, he is the Co-President of the Fuqua Hoops basketball club, and holds a cabinet position within the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club.


Kiersten Chresfield, CASE i3 Fellow

Kiersten spent four years with Deloitte Consulting in their Federal practice primarily serving clients in the healthcare and defense sectors. She also did a pre-MBA internship in Kigali, Rwanda working for a global nutrition nonprofit before heading to Fuqua. At Fuqua she is co-president of both the Business in Africa and Food & Agriculture Clubs. She is looking to transition into food & beverage strategy post-MBA, with a long-term goal of working in an emerging market.


Vivek Jayarman, CASE i3 Fellow

Prior to Fuqua, Vivek worked extensively to support and scale entrepreneurs of virtually every stage and sector. His experience includes launching business education programs for the City of New York and managing consultants that provided advisory and technical assistance services to small businesses. Vivek is interested in leveraging his CASE i3 experience to better understand how to bridge small and medium size enterprises with impact capital.


Caryn Laska, CASE i3 Fellow

Caryn spent four years as an Accenture consultant advising electric and gas utility clients on systemic change. She is a dual degree student with the Nicholas School of the Environment and Fuqua, where she studies energy & the environment and finance. In addition to being a Casei3 fellow, Caryn is the Career Mentorship Lead for the MEM/MBA club, Co-President of the Jewish Business Association, and a dedicated member of the MBA Food and Agriculture club.



Varun Kotharu, CASE i3 Fellow

Before attending Fuqua, Varun worked at Triarii Consulting, an independent consulting firm that worked with a multitude of firms aimed at addressing large scale problems such as carbon emission reduction, and food security and safety. Through his experience with CASE i3, Varun aims to better understand the impact investing landscape and learn how to bridge the gap between investment capital and socially focused ventures that depend on financing to achieve their mission-critical objectives.



Brooke Pierce, CASE i3 Fellow

Prior to Fuqua, Brooke worked as a consultant in EY’s financial services risk management practice, managing strategic projects for clients in banking and capital markets. She is passionate about using business to drive environmental and social change. Brooke is a CASE Fellow, CASE i3 Fellow and Net Impact Club Fundraising Director.



Kevin Rahill, CASE i3 Fellow

From 2012-2013, Kevin served as the Director of Open Arms Home for Children, a South African AIDS orphanage. For the next five years, he worked at PwC in Financial Services Assurance and Deals Advisory. Kevin is involved in FuquaVision, Case i3, Net Impact, Fuqua Special Olympics, Male Allies, Fuqua Pride Allies, Consulting Club, HSM, and is a BDW Co-Chair.



Ashlie Tyler, CASE i3 Fellow

Prior to Fuqua, Ashlie served as the Director of District Partnerships at SAGA Innovations, an education nonprofit that specializes in personalized learning in high school math and early literacy. She spent the early years of her career in operations and human capital-related roles in the education and financial services sectors at firms including Match Education, Bain Capital, and Fidelity Investments.  Ashlie also attended Duke for her undergraduate degree and maintains commitments across the University, including being a member of Fuqua’s Gender Equity Working Group and the Duke Student Alumni Board. She also serves as a mentor for the undergraduate club Black in Business and is on the External Engagement Committee of Duke University’s Board of Trustees.


Tanvie Vinayak, CASE i3 Fellow

Prior to Fuqua, Tanvie worked with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and PwC’s Government and Public Sector Advisory on designing and executing strategies to address global development challenges. She also briefly worked on setting up her own social enterprise ‘Yuti’, to help small-size NGOs raise and efficiently deploy funds to create sustainable impact.  At Fuqua, Tanvie is undertaking a project as part of the CASE Impact Investing Initiative and is a Board Member with Meals on Wheels Durham as part of Fuqua on Board. She also serves as the Fundraising chair for Net Impact.