May 9, 2013

CASE i3 Alumni

Duke alumni are building impact investing field, all over the world

Many Fuqua and Duke alumni have created satisfying careers in social entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainability, and impact investing. Those that are interested in impact investing face an expanding set of options, and can work as investment managers in funds, foundations, and government agencies, as field-builders in the many nonprofit intermediaries in the field, as consultants, and as financial asset advisors or managers.

alumniNot sure what you’re putting in the water down there, but keep it up!  Cheers to you and your fantastic students!

–Eric Letsinger, CEO, Quantified Ventures, at the completion of a 2018 CASE i3 Consulting Project. The project was managed inside Quantified Ventures by Seth Brown, Fuqua MBA 2017, and completed by a team of students led by Katherine McNeil, Fuqua MBA 2018.

Impact Investing Alumni include:

(If you are a Fuqua or Duke grad and are working in the impact investing field, please let us know!  We regularly invite alumni back to campus to share lessons and advice with our community.)

Tuokpe Ajuyah, Crewcial Partners

Beth Bafford, Calvert Impact Capital (Read Beth’s Agent of Impact profile here!)

Seth Brown, Quantified Ventures

Juan Canal, North Carolina Rural Center

Manuel Costa, Cogent Consulting, PBC

Will Creighton, The Investment Integration Project

Adelina Dasso Arana, Accion Gateway Fund

Daryn Dodson, Illumen Capital

Miguel Duhalt, Adobe Capital

Justin Desrosiers, SustainVC

Holly Fulp, William Blair and Company

Nina Gene, Jasmine Social Investments

Anne-Christin Grimme, Living Cities

Bahari Harris, Truist

Patrick Heinemann, Ignia Partners, LLC

Nathan Hixson, PNC

Jana Holt, SEI

Sarah Hoyt Edwards, Cambridge Associates

Alan Kelley, SJF Ventures

Scott Kleiman, Government Performance Lab at Harvard Kennedy School

Christie Lange, Big Path Capital

Ayush Mansingh, Social Finance

Aaron Mbati, Schmidt Family Foundation

Sidney McLaurin, Material Impact Fund

Heather McPherson, SJF Ventures

Sandra Mikush, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Tom Mitchell, Cambridge Associates

Laura Mixter, LISC

Saya Mizuno, Government of Japan

Maria Pia Morante Perez-Reyes, Acumen LatAm Impact Ventures (ALIVE)

Brendan Mullen, Secha Capital

Clare Murray, LeapFrog Investments

Ineza Mutimura, Mulago Foundation

Hilary Nichols, Global Banking Alliance for Women

David Nicola, Blackdirt Capital and Gratitude Farmland Fund

Anne Njuki, DOB Equity

Michael Noel, Acorn Innovestments

Bob O’Reilly, Acorn Innovestments

Meg Rudy, DRK Foundation

Kathleen O’Shea, Social Finance

Scott Onder, Mercy Corps Ventures

Ulili Onovakpuri, Kapor Capital

Josep Oriol, Okavango Capital Partners

Hardik Parikh, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Diane Pham, PayPal

Brooke Pierce, Drawdown Fund

Christina Rausch, New York City Economic Development Corporation

Christine Kenna Ravenet, Ignia Partners, LLC

James Ruggiero, Self-Help Credit Union

Eric Savage, Unitus Capital

Alicia Seiger, Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance

Ishita Shah, Align Impact

Becca Shepherd, Tides

Lowell Simpson, Blue Meridian Partners

Eric Smith, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment

Douglas Smooke, Renaissance Wealth Management

Lee Summerell, Known

Megan Walsh Thompson, Ford Foundation

Catherine Toner, Gary Community Investments

Joe Watt, ECMC Group

Jacqueline Westley, NatureVest at The Nature Conservancy

Max Zamor, BlackRock


Past Student Leaders

CASE i3 launched in Fall 2011. Beth Bafford, MBA 2012, helped co-found CASE i3. Co-chairs Scott Kleiman and David Nicola, MBAs 2013, helped build it.  Since then, over 300 students have been part of the program.


Alumni Chats

We’ve been inviting alumni to visit with our CASE i3 students virtually on skype. This is a convenient way to have a quick talk about your work and help students learn about career paths in the field. If you are an alum interested in chatting with students,  let us know!

Recent Alumni Chats:

Mike MacHarg, Simpa Networks and MercyCorps, December 2013

Megan Walsh Thompson, Ford Foundation, February 2014

Nina Gene, Jasmine Investments, March 2014

Scott Kleiman, Social Impact Bond Technical Assistance Lab, April 2014

Beth Bafford, Calvert Foundation, February 2015

Adelina Dasso Arana, Accion Gateway Fund, February 2017

Maria Pia Morante, Acumen, February 2018

Seth Brown, Quantified Ventures, March 2018

Megan Thompson, Ford Foundation, November 2018

Beth Bafford, Calvert Impact Capital, November 2018

Justin Desrosiers, SustainVC, February 2019, 2021

Sarah Edwards, Cambridge Associates, October 2022