CASE releases resources related to angel networks in emerging markets

In 2018, USAID’s Partnering to Accelerate Entrepreneurship (PACE) Initiative engaged CASE to investigate angel network models to analyze strategies and best practices, as well as make recommendations for how development institutions can leverage angel networks to reach their economic development goals. CASE was happy to partner with Millbrook Impact and the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business on this initiative. The research team explored angel networks in parts of Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The results of this project are:

  • Angel Networks in Emerging Markets: A Guide For Development Institutions, which provides the framework and tools for USAID and other development institutions to assess angel investor networks, gauge their strengths and strategies, understand challenges they face, and identify how to support them.
  • Five Angel Network Spotlights – case studies of angel networks to provide concrete illustrations of network variables, business models, strategies in action, and opportunities for support.

This work aims to go beyond simply sharing knowledge about angel networks. We hope this guide and case studies galvanize development institutions and other funders to select from a set of specific support mechanisms to help angel networks succeed.

Read more and download the guide and case studies here.

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