February 17, 2017

CASE Smart Impact Capital

Raising or investing impact capital? Join our self-paced online program to learn to close the best deal for any impact enteprise. You can complete the program in less than 10 hours at your own pace for $15 per month.

CASE Smart Impact CapitalTM addresses the needs and common pitfalls of impact entrepreneurs seeking to raise investment capital. Through action-oriented videos and tools, Smart Impact CapitalTM gives users the key to the process in 3 steps: strategize, target, and close.  In continuous use since 2014, over 50 universities and accelerators working with learners logging in from over 120 countries have used out tool to train enterprises in how to raise capital. To date, over 94% percent of users, partners, and students report the toolkit met or exceeded expectations.

Learn more and sign up  today at:  www.casesmartimpact.com

Are you an Impact Entrepreneur Raising Capital? Our online toolkit to help you make impact investment fundraising easier.

Built from the expertise of hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs who have invested and raised millions of dollars, CASE Smart Impact Capital is designed for all impact ventures – any stage, any sector, any geography.  Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit, our toolkit contains practical steps to help you strategize, target and close the best deal for you. Use your capital-raising time wisely and get back to running your social venture.

Are you an accelerator or entrepreneurial support program? Give your network a fundraising boost.

We provide scalable technical assistance that helps your entrepreneurs get aligned impact capital. The curriculum will get your staff up to speed and ready to support entrepreneurs from where they are more effectively. And our actionable tools will level the playing field for your entrepreneurs.

Are you an educator? Bring key concepts of impact finance into your classroom.

Use our Modular teaching materials for incorporating impact investing into your course. Our tactical, hands-on tools will give students real-world learning from the perspective of a funder or entrepreneur.


Learn more or sign up today at:  www.casesmartimpact.com