Editorial Duties

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Cambridge Studies in Economics Choice and Society

This interdisciplinary series promotes original theoretical and empirical research as well as integrative syntheses involving links between individual choice, institutions, and social outcomes. Contributions are welcome from across the social sciences, particularly in the areas where economic analysis is joined with other disciplines, such as comparative political economy, new institutional economics, and behavioral economics.

General Editors

  • Timur Kuran, Duke University
  • Peter J. Boetke, George Mason University

Economics, Cognition and Society Book Series

Published by The University of Michigan Press, this series provides a forum for theoretical and empirical investigations of social phenomena. It promotes works that focus on the interactions among cognitive processes, individual behavior, and social outcomes. It is especially open to interdisciplinary books that are genuinely integrative.

Founding Editor

  • Timur Kuran, Professor of Economics and Political Science, and Gorter Family Professor of Islam and the Social Sciences, Duke University

Series Editor

  • Peter J. Boettke, Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Editorial Board

  • Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
  • Diego Gambetta, Reader, Sociology, University of Oxford, and Fellow, All Souls College, United Kingdom
  • Avner Greif, Bowman Family Professor in the Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University
  • Daniel Klerman, Charles L. and Ramona I. Hilliard Professor of Law and History, University of Southern California
  • Richard Swedberg, Professor of Sociology, Cornell University
  • Viktor Vanberg, Professor of Economics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg, Germany
  • Paul Zak, Professor of Economics, Claremont Graduate University

Advisory Board

  • James M. Buchanan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics, George Mason University
  • Albert O. Hirschman, Professor Emeritus, School of Social Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study. Princeton
  • Thomas Schelling, Emeritus Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
  • Bruno Frey, Professor of Economics, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Douglass North, Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts and Sciences, Washington University
  • Vernon Smith, Professor of Economics and Law, Chapman University

The series is available at The University of Michigan Press website.