EGRMGMT 590: Digital Transformation

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At a Glance

  • Instructor(s): Tony O’Driscoll, Stephanie Knight, Kevin Wright* (*new co-instructor for Spring 2024)
  • Semester(s) typically taught: Fall and Spring
  • Units: 3.0
  • Grading scale: Graded (A-F)
  • Required or elective for MEM degree? Elective
  • If elective, applicable elective track(s): Software Management
  • Pre-requisites: n/a
  • Recommended previous courses: n/a

Course Description/Synopsis (from DukeHub) 

This course will introduce students to a number of topics related to the use of digital technology to drive change and adapt nimbly in enterprise. Students will first examine the primary challenges associated with driving change within organizations and analyze how best-in-class organizations successfully manage change to transform their organizations. Students will explore the role that digital technology is playing in accelerating the need for dynamic and perpetual organization transformation and analyze how best-in-class organizations are successfully leveraging digital technology to transform their enterprise. Finally, students will investigate how the emergence of the low/no code (Citizen Developer) model will become a foundation upon which enterprise agility can be built and analyze how this new software development paradigm will enable hyper-agility within the digital enterprise.

Course Syllabus (Most Recent)

EGRMGMT 590.01 Syllabus, Fall 2022

A Word From the Faculty

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