Degree Course Planners

Course planners are available to students to assist with planning your course load for each semester.

For Fall click here.

For Spring click here.


New to MEM – Stellic

Log into Stellic with your Duke NetID and password to organinze your upcoming semester and keep track of your degree progress.

  • Plan course sections that fit your schedule: Discover conflict-free sections for the courses you are planning to take next semester. You can select a time slot in the weekly view and we’ll show you courses available for that time slot that are still needed for your plan.
  • Plan your degree interactively: Drag, drop, and add courses between semesters while keeping track of prerequisites constraints and typical course offerings.
  • Track your progress towards degree completion: See completed, in-progress and remaining requirements for your major.

Use the Quickstart Guide to learn more about Stellic.

If you discover any issues or have any questions while using Stellic, please contact Kelsey Liddle.