Leadership Library

Developing and practicing leadership skills is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle; you won’t find one tool or one book that will make you the best leader, rather it’s a whole collection of various items that you’ll put together – each piece you learn something new. Assuming you will master this in a semester or even by the end of the MEM degree is nonsense! Leadership is built on many, many years of practice.

Below are a few thought pieces to get you started or build on your journey.

Addressing common challenges MEM students face:

Books  (Links are to Amazon but you can also find most of these at the Duke Library)

The Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) is a part of the national discourse on issues of consequence. COLE Thought-Pieces, featured in high-level national and academic publications, center around topics that can contribute to the leadership development of our readers – leadership, ethics, social impact, networking, culture building, value creation, collaboration and team work.

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