MEMP students can register for courses in the Pratt School of Engineering, the Fuqua School of Business, and other graduate departments across campus.  The registration process varies depending on the school/department in which a course is offered and whether you’d like to take the course for credit or audit it. All students will be assigned a faculty advisor who can answer questions and provide guidance as you plan your course of study.

How to Register for Courses

Registration for courses is through DukeHub. Instructions for navigating the registration process can be found here.

Registering for Practicums

Practicums are special projects established with local businesses. The businesses and project topics are confirmed very close to the semester start and are therefore not specifically listed in the course catalog until identified. Once the businesses and project topics are confirmed, the Practicum instructor will email the student listserv with the business and project topic information and to share an application. All students must apply directly to the instructor. Five to six students are selected per Practicum. Once a student is selected, the Academic Coordinator will provide the student with a Permission Number to enroll.

Registering for Fuqua Courses

A Fuqua registration form must be completed and submitted to the Academic Coordinator.

  • Fuqua is on a term system with two 6-week terms per semester. Classes meet for 2 hours and 15 minutes Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.
  • MEM students may only take one Fuqua course for credit per Fuqua term and one Fuqua course for audit per semester.
  • Students should register for a back-up course in case they do not get in the Fuqua course requested.  A Registration Form submission DOES NOT guarantee enrollment and enrollment usually occurs after the Pratt drop/add period.
  • Due to the compressed schedule for terms rather than a semester, the Fuqua courseload is intense. Class participation is a significant portion of the grade in many courses and students within a class form teams. There are often outside projects and assignments accomplished through teamwork.
  • Students must drop a back-up class before halfway through the semester or will be responsible for tuition for that course. This poses a risk if registering for a Fuqua Term 2 course as you may be waitlisted until close to the start of the 2nd Term.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the Fuqua Honor Code and the Classroom Norms. Signatures on these clauses of the registration form are required.

Please review the Fuqua Registration overview (PowerPoint presentation) below for additional information concerning registration timeline, process, and policies.  

Fuqua Registration Overview

Fuqua Registration Request Form

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