MEMP students can register for courses in the Pratt School of Engineering, the Fuqua School of Business, and other graduate departments across campus.  The registration process varies depending on the school/department in which a course is offered and whether you’d like to take the course for credit or audit it. All students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor (also known as Faculty Mentor Coach) who can answer questions and provide guidance as you plan your course of study.

Fall 2023 Registration Dates

  • March 27 : Shopping Carts open for returning students at 12am EST
  • April 5 : Registration begins for returning MEM students at 7am EST
  • June 13-15:  Departmental Mass Cohort Registration for incoming MEM students
  • June 15: Elective registration begins for incoming MEM students at 12pm noon EST (students may register for up to 2 three-credit electives in DukeHub)
  • August 28:  Fall 2023 Semester classes begin
  • September 8:  Drop/Add ends at 11:59pm EST (all Fall 2023 class schedules must be finalized)

* MEM students beginning the program in Fall 2023 may NOT register for courses in DukeHub until Thursday, June 15th at 12pm noon EST.

Required (Core) Course Enrollments

Beginning with the Fall 2023 semester, MEM On-Campus students will complete core and other required courses with their fellow students based on cohort assignment.  Students will be pre-enrolled in these courses.

Each cohort will take two of the four core management courses in the fall semester and the remaining two in the spring semester.

Please be advised that cohort assignments are fixed and cannot be changed.  Please do not approach faculty members to request a change in cohort assignment or class section in which you are enrolled.

Registering for Practicums

Practicums are special projects established with local businesses. The businesses and project topics are confirmed very close to the semester start and are therefore not specifically listed in the course catalog until identified. Once the businesses and project topics are confirmed, the Practicum instructor will email the student listserv with the business and project topic information and to share an application. All students must apply directly to the instructor. Five to six students are selected per Practicum. Once a student is selected, the Academic Coordinator or Faculty member will provide the student with a Permission Number to enroll.

Registering for Fuqua Courses


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