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The tree shown above was built from a kinesin motor domain sequence alignment using the heuristic search method of PAUP v4.0b10 (Swofford, 2002), a maximum parsimony program, with random stepwise addition and tree bisection-reconnection (TBR). The tree is one of two optimal trees that were found in 600 tree-building trials and has an overall length of 17,867. It is arbitrarily rooted using ScSmy1 as an outgroup kinesin protein. The numbers adjacent to nodes are the percentages of 1,810 heuristic bootstrap trials in which the indicated protein groups were found. The new names of the kinesin groups are shown with the former names in parentheses. The families denoted At1 and At2 contain only Arabidopsis kinesins and have not been yet given new family names. The phylogenetic trees, diagrams of kinesin proteins, and tables of protein properties shown on this and subsequent pages are based on previous analyses reported in Goodson, Kang & Endow (1994) J. Cell Sci. 107, 1875-1884, Moore & Endow (1996) BioEssays 18, 207-219 and Kim & Endow (2000) J. Cell Sci. 113, 3681-3682. The tree shown above does not contain all the known kinesins, but comprises 155 kinesin proteins from 11 species, including a protist (Plasmodium falciparum), a yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), two invertebrates (Caenorhabditis elegansDrosophila melanogaster), a vertebrate (Homo sapiens) and a higher plant (Arabidopsis thaliana). The tree was built by Elise M. Dagenbach & Sharyn A. Endow in September 2003 and reported in 2004 J. Cell Sci. 117, 3-7.

The diagrams of representative proteins of various classes are based on EM images, available hydrodynamic data, coiled coil predictions by PAIRCOIL and atomic structures.

If you use diagrams, trees, or sequence alignments from the Kinesin site, we ask that you cite either the home page and authors, or the appropriate source publication in your work.

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Kinesin-1 (formerly KHC) Family
Kinesin-2 (formerly KRP85/95) Family
Kinesin-3 (formerly Unc104) Family
Kinesin-4 (formerly Chromokinesin/KIF4) Family
Kinesin-5 (formerly BimC) Family
Kinesin-6 (formerly MKLP1) Family
Kinesin-7 (formerly CENP-E) Family
Kinesin-8 (formerly Kip3) Family
Kinesin-13 (formerly MCAK/KIF2) Family
Kinesin-14 (formerly C-terminal motor) Family
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To better appreciate the phylogenetic relationships among the organisms included in this tree visit The Tree of Life.

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