Standardized Kinesin Nomenclature

A standardized system of kinesin nomenclature has recently been under discussion and deemed acceptable by vote of kinesin workers (see Lawrence et al., 2004). The system renames the kinesin groups or families, but retains the original protein names. The new and former names of the kinesin families are shown below:

Table 1: Standardized Kinesin Nomenclature – the Basics

Standardized Name Other Names for this Group of Sequences
Kinesin-1 KHC / N-I / Conventional
Kinesin-2 KRP85/95 / N-IV / Heterodimeric / kinesin II
Kinesin-3 Unc-104/Kif1 / N-III / Monomeric
Kinesin-4 Chromokinesin/Kif4 / N-V
Kinesin-5 BimC / N-II / Eg5 Bipolar Tetrameric
Kinesin-6 MKLP1 / N-VI / Cho1
Kinesin-7 CENP-E / N-VII
Kinesin-8 Kip3 / N-IIX
Kinesin-10 Kid
Kinesin-13 MCAK/Kif2 / M / KinI
Kinesin-14 C-Terminal Motor / C
Orphan Kinesins Orphans / Ungrouped

For further information regarding the new family names of specific proteins, click here

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