Kinesin Motors Movies

The movies on this page illustrate motility of Kinesin-1 (formerly conventional kinesin) and the kinesin-related proteins. The movies can be played on the screen by clicking on the highlighted title for the GIF animations or downloaded by clicking on the icon or the title. Downloaded movies can be played on a Mac with the shareware program, Sparkle, available from the c/net Download, or other movie player software for Macintosh, PC, or Unix available from the MPEG Player Page. View the legends.

MT translocation and rotation driven by Ncd bound to a coverslip (1.37 M) contributed by Ted Salmon


View an animation of Kinesin-1 walking along a microtubule (Milligan Lab Web page).
View further animations of Kinesin-1 walking models (Rob Cross Lab Web page).
View movies made from Kinesin-1 crystal structures (Mandelkow Lab Web page).
View movies of Kinesin-1, katanin and myosin (Vale Lab Web page).

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