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Twentienth Century Novels and Poetry


Frédéric Marcelin

Born in January 1848, Frédéric Marcellin entered Haitian political life at the age of 19 when he assumed the position of Secretary of the Legation to Washington D.C.  In the late nineteenth century, Marcellin was a member of the National Party.  Marcellin published three celebrated works from 1900-1903, the last of which was Marilisse.   Marcelin died in Paris in 1917.

Frédéric Marcelin, Marilisse (1903) (via Google Books) or (via Hathi Trust)

—–, Bric-a-brac (1910) (via Hathi Trust)


Antoine Innocent

Antoine Innocent was born in Port-au-Prince in 1873.  After completing his studies at the prestigious Lycée Aledandre Pétion de Port-au-Prince, Innocent became a professor of French history at his alma mater and contributed to the literary journal La Ronde.  After serving as Secretary of the Senate of the Republic for nearly 30 years, Innocent died in Port-au-Prince in 1960.

Antoine Innocent, Mimola, ou L’histoire d’une cassette (1906) (via Google Books)


Justin Lhérisson

Born in 1872, Justin Lhérisson was a lawyer, educator, writer.  Perhaps best known for penning the lyrics to the Haitian national anthem, La Dessalinienne, Innocent also published a pair of successful novels—La Famille des pititecaille and Zoune Chez sa Ninnaine, before he passed away in 1907.

Justin Lhérisson, Zoune chez sa Ninnaine (1906) (via Hathi Trust)


Fernand Hibbert

Fernand Hibbert was born in Miragoâne in 1873.  After completing his studies in Paris, France, Hibbert returned to Haiti where he entered politics and began his writing career.  Best known for works such as Romulus, Sena, and Masques et Visages, Hibbeert was also an active contributor to the short-lived journal La Revue de la Ligue de la jeunesse haïtienne during the U.S. occupation of the country from 1915-1934.

Fernand Hibbert, Romulus (1908) (via Hathi Trust) or (via Google Books)

—–, Masques et visages (1910) (via Digital Library of the Caribbean)


Annie Desroy, Le Joug (1934) (In PDF, 5.0 MB)

Constantin Mayard, Haïti, conférence prononcée le 28 janvier 1934 pour inaugurer la session annuelle de l’Œuvre des Isolés Coloniaux (1934) (via Gallica Bibliothèque Numérique)


Jacques Stephen Alexis, Les Arbres musiciens (1957) (Online Consultation via Gallimard)

One of the classic modern Haitian novels.


Carl Brouard, Pages retrouvées (1963) (via Digital Library of the Caribbean)



Georges Sylvain, Cric ? Crac ! (1901) (via Digital Library of the Caribbean)

Etzer Vilaire, Page d’amour (1901) (via Digital Library of the Caribbean)

—–, Poésies complètes (tome 1) (1914) (via Hathi Trust)

—–, Poésies complètes (tome 2) (1919) (via Hathi Trust)

—–, Poésies complètes (tome 3) (1919) (via Hathi Trust)

Edmond Laforest, Sonnets-Médaillons du dix-neuvième siècle (1910) (via Hathi Trust)

Timothée Paret, L’Ame Vibrante (1929) (via Gallica Bibliothèque Numérique)

Literary Journals

La Ronde: Revue Littéraire (Via Digital Library of the Caribbean):

October 1901

November 1901

December 1901

January 1902

February 1902

March-April l 1902

October 1901

La Nouvelle Ronde (Via Digital Library of the Caribbean):

January 1926

February 1926

La Revue Indigène (1927) (Via Digital Library of the Caribbean)

Literary History

Dantès Bellegarde, Ecrivains haïtiens: Notices biographiques et pages choisies (1950) (Online Consultation) (In PDF, 8.6 MB)

At once a history and a critical edition of key Haitian writers, including many excerpts from poetry and novels.

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