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Student U







Type of Organization: After School Program

Ages Served: 6th-12th grade

Address: 600 E Umstead St, Durham NC 27701

Email Address:


🚗 DRIVEABLE | 7 min drive from East Campus

🚌PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION | 31 min bus ride from East Campus


Student U is a community organization that uses the power of education to build a just and equitable Durham. Student U is located in the W.G Pearson building which was formally an elementary school. Their mission is to empower and equip first generation college students in Durham Public Schools, their families, and educators to become the leaders that will transform our city.

Possible Activities

  • Working with the YRP(year round program) to provide general subject tutoring to middle school students.
  • Supervising students in the YRP program during the recess/wellness time.
  • Mentoring/tutoring students in the high school program.

Entering the building

Photos from around the building

Our partners at Student U

Keren Sosa

Tutoring and Volunteer Coordinator

Korinna Edwards

High School Program Coordinator

Alex Turner

Director of Academic Support

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Assisted 7th grade math and overall tutoring.
  • For the first hour, I helped my middle schoolers complete overdue math assignments on their student portals, then for the second hour I helped the high schoolers with questions on assignments they had. This ranged from math to quizzing one of them for his history quiz.
  • Help sixth graders with math about equivalent ratios. 
  • Helped 7th grade students concentrate and do their tasks with math and essay writing.
  • Helped 7th grade students with math problems (subtraction of fractions)
  • Helped 7th grade with readings and social studies.
  • Helped 8th grade math (exponentials and multiplication).
  • Helped a student learn exponent rules in algebra.
  • Helped a student on one of their US history homework assignments.
  • Helped a student with their ELA homework.
  • I tutored a 6th grade student about division and its applications in real life.
  • I tutored a 7-8th grade student polynomials and quadratics in math.
  • I tutored a junior in piecewise functions and solving absolute value functions.
  •  I taught 6th graders division and divisibility properties in math.
  • I tutored middle schoolers in math (fractions, proportions, and decimals) and also helped with the fall fest.
  • Since there were no specific requests or one-on-one student needs, I mostly answered scattered math questions from 6th grade students.
  • Spent time introducing myself to the high school students, assisted with Geometry and Environmental Science homework, and did some administrative work for the director.
  • Tutored students through solving equations using properties of multiplication.
  • Volunteered at the Fall Fest pumpkin painting session.
  • We talked about ideas/projects concerning educational research. Moreover, I got to meet new people in education field.
  • Wrote and decorated birthday cards for meals on wheels and assisted with exponential function assignment.
  • I helped a junior study for an exam on secularism, Marxism, and religion. We developed efficient studying habits and worked on learning the concepts.
  • I helped a middle school student work on her overdue math assignments. we did probabilities.
  • I helped a student with her math homework. It was converting fractions to decimals.
  • I helped students with their science homework.
  • Helped the high schoolers with their science assignments and to study for finals.
  • I monitored middle school students’ work and provided any help if in need.
  • Helped middle schoolers with math, social studies, and science assignments they had due for the week.
  • Helped students with homework, oversaw them during a recess period.
  • Helped students with solving linear equations and three types of linear equations.
  • I assisted middle schoolers for the first time. We worked on math and reading assignments. After that, I went back downstairs and helped with the administrative tasks and organizing their rewards.
  • I spent the entire session with a junior in high school. I helped him study for his history exam and gave him strategies to get the most out of studying. We also spoke about SATs and higher education options like NCCU and NCAT (and the pros and cons of staying close to home versus going away).
  • I spent the entire session with a junior who was writing a research paper on an article Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote for Newsweek. I assisted in completing a critical analysis of the article, including identifying any biases.
  • Helped highschoolers with piecewise functions and science homework. I quizzed a couple high schoolers on content from their upcoming tests and tutored piecewise functions to another student.