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Durham School of the Arts

Type of organization: Public Magnet School (Durham Public Schools)

Grades served: 6-12

Address: 401 N Duke St, Durham, NC 27701

School website

Entering the building

Durham School of the Arts (DSA) is a campus in the middle of downtown Durham, made up of many different buildings. It can sometimes feel a little confusing to navigate. To work with the seventh-grade classrooms:

  • Follow signs to the Main Office, located in the main building.
  • Follow instructions in the office to sign in. You may need to show a photo ID. 
  • If needed, ask for directions to your classroom.
  • Walk out of the main building, towards the middle school building. 
  • At the door, use the intercom to explain your visit, and to request entrance.
  • Proceed to your classroom.
DSA map

Our partners at Durham School of the Arts

Millie Rosen

Seventh grade math teacher

Help needed: math tutoring
“The groups of students they would work with (at least for me, in math) are usually significantly below grade level so they don’t need to be math experts to help – just have a positive attitude and be ready to help students!”

Sample volunteer tasks

  • I worked with A to help him with fractions. We specifically worked on understanding how to simplify expressions where we add multiple negative numbers.
  • I worked with H to help him through his fraction problems. We worked on understanding how to add or subtract unlike fractions.
  • I helped a girl complete some extra practice problems, also on solving equations.
  • Worked with a student on applications of fractions.
  • Played a math game with 3 other students and then worked individually with H on division word problems.
  • Played an arithmetic game with A and A.
  • Taught a class of 3 students the basics involved with solving for x i.e. isolating an unknown variable.
  • K on her ALEKS program, doing division.
  • Worked on a math game with two students.
  • Worked with A on decimals.
  • Worked with H again to strengthen his understanding of how to move constants around the = sign. He was struggling, so took a step back and revised more foundational concepts of cancellation.
  • Worked with H on dividing with decimals.
  • Worked with H on his fractions work. Helped him understand prime factorization and cancelation before multiplication.
    Worked with Henry on his understanding of fractions as a steppingstone to solving basic algebra.
  • Worked with Henry through his mastery assignment on like terms in algebra.
  • Worked with K on basic algebra.

Elizabeth Kim

Seventh grade math teacher

Help needed: math tutoring
“The Duke volunteers should be aware they are working with middle school students who are struggling with math (often with math skills learned in elementary school).”

Sample volunteer tasks

  • I worked with a student on her ALEKS doing word problems with decimals. I then worked with another student on a decimals and fractions worksheet.
  • I worked with two girls on the distributive property and combining like terms.
  • I worked with two girls to study for their upcoming math test.
    I helped a girl complete her homework on solving equations.
  • Worked with two girls on fractions,
  • Worked on reviewing an integers quiz.

Holly Woodard

Seventh grade English teacher

Help needed: literacy tutoring
“Lead and work with reading groups and work one-on-one with students to help them with their work.”