View of Glenn Elementary school as seen from the parking log

Type of organization: Public Elementary School (Durham Public Schools)

Grades served: K-5

Address:2415 E Geer St, Durham, NC 27704

Website: Glenn Elementary / Homepage (

Twitter: @GlennPride

12 min drive from East Campus

Our partner at Glenn

Paula Januzzi-Godfrey

Media Coordinator/Librarian
Battle of the Books Coach

About the school

Glenn Elementary School is a Title I School with close to 600 students in grades K-5. In 2021-22 a new principal, Matt Hunt, became the Glenn Team leader. Many positive changes have happened quickly, and there are more to come.  In the past, Glenn has been designated as a “Restart School” that was almost taken over by the state because of a lack of progress over many years. However, last year, Glenn earned the prestigious “Exceeded Academic Growth” status for the first time in school history.  We’re working hard to do it again this year.  Having volunteers to provide extra hands, ears and eyes is very helpful! 


Over 60% of the students at Glenn are Spanish speaking or Bilingual, over 40% are Black, and some students are from other countries around the world. Students are generally very welcoming to volunteers, especially college students.

Volunteering at Glenn

There are a few options for volunteering at Glenn Elementary School. It is helpful if volunteers are willing to try different jobs from week to week if needed. 

Volunteers will be assisting in three specials classes: 

  • Media/Library (Paula Januzzi-Godfrey)
  • Art (Sierra Miles)
  • Outdoor Education. (Amelia Barton)

Some of the jobs include working directly with students and some are tasks that help the teachers prepare materials for classes.

All Duke student volunteers report to the Main Office on arrival to sign in. They should then report   to the Media Center (across the hall from the main office) to check in with Ms. Januzzi, and get their assignment for the day. 

If a student is unable to attend on their designated day and time, they should contact Ms. Januzzi asap at or by texting her at (phone # available from PfS office) so she can plan accordingly.

“Our teachers look forward to and count on help from our volunteers”. – Ms.Januzzi