Type of Organization: “Pioneer Scholars” after-school program

Grades served: 1-8

Address: 904 W Chapel Hill St Durham, NC 27701


The Emily Krzyzewski Center, a nonprofit organization in Durham, North Carolina, implements four distinct programs designed to build on the academic, career, and leadership potential of students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Collectively, our programs serve students from elementary school through college and equip them with the skills necessary to successfully complete higher education, connect to promising careers, and become agents of change within their communities.

Our partners at Emily K

Things to know

Checking in – There is an iPad at the front desk. Sign in there, then head to the classroom/ gym.

Site specific orientation – Ms.Bailey will hold a virtual orientation before volunteering begins. This is likely to bein the evening of 02/07 or 02/08.

Covid protocols – Masking is no longer mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Masks and tests are available on-site.

Dress code – avoid clothing that contains profanity or depictions of violence. Lower items of clothing should be “fingertip length”. Tops should not be cropped or low cut.

Possible Volunteer Activities

Helping out during the preprogramming time block(3:00-4:15pm) i.e. playing games with students, interacting with them in the gym, and general support.

During the academic time block you will be in the classrooms with teachers and student helping out with lessons and general homework support.