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Lakewood Elementary School

Type of organization: Public Elementary School (Durham Public Schools)

Grades served: K-5

Address:  2520 Vesson Ave, Durham, NC 27707 

Website: Lakewood Elementary School

PTA website: Lakewood PTA

🚗 DRIVEABLE | 8 min drive from East Campus

🚌PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION | 30 min bus ride from East Campus

👣WALKABLE | 52 min walk from East Campus


About the school

Lakewood Elementary School is a Title I School in Southwest Central Durham. It was founded in 1908 and has been in it’s current location since 1960.

Lakewood is a Community School and a part of the Durham University-Assisted Community Schools Research Collective..

Entering the building

Pictures from around the school

  • If driving, follow directions to park in the visitors’ parking lot.

  • Approach the front entrance and use the intercom to tell the front office who you are and to get “buzzed in”.

  • Sign in using the computer in the front office. You may need to show a photo ID to staff.

  • Proceed to the media center to receive further directions from Ms.Parker.

Our partner at Lakewood

Volunteering at Glenn


Turquoise Parker

Media Coordinator/Librarian

Vice President Durham Association of Educators Board Member of the North Carolina Association of Educators

National Education Association Director for North Carolina

Recent awardee of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder of the Foodraiser






Turquoise is our primary contact for volunteers at Lakewood.

Turquoise matches the needs of the children, teachers, and school to the interests and skills of her volunteers. Expect to do something different each week.

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Attended the morning meeting in gym with all the children and teachers
  • Helped a teacher do the mindset with the kids: playing Lego with the kids and talking with them, asking about their happiness and worries.
  • Helped Ms. Parker found the books that are not labeled.
  • Helped a kid learn to write her name 
  • Accompanied fourth grade students on “walking classroom” walks and helped third graders with multiplication and division.
  • Assisted kindergarten with writing their names, laminated teaching materials.
  • Assisted with classroom organization, handing papers out to different rooms, and introduced myself to students and staff.
  • Assisting with the waste sorting at lunch time
  • We went on a walk with two groups of students mainly making sure that students were organized during the walk.
  • Worked with a group of students on a math worksheet with.
  • Classroom assistance, and lunch monitoring
  • Collected library books, helped out with a classroom activity.
  • Created display board for Mrs. Parker
  • Created learning binders for volunteers to use during small group.
  • Assisted Ms. Parker in helping the students cut and decorate.
    Decorated around school and classroom, helped with paperwork.
  • During this session I helped with an activity that covered a local Durham athlete and helped collect books for the library
  • Facilitated lunchroom composting and recycling, tutored 3rd grade math.
  • First grade class, then painting with third graders, then worked on a math game.
  • Help children to do some handworks.
  • Help Mrs. Parker with her Foodraising event.
  • Help students to draw with chalks
  • Help students to write down things that they feel good on themselves.
  • Helped Mrs. Parker with the poster.
    Help to decorate bookshelf and helped teachers with their teaching activities.
  • Taught a panel lesson with Black Student Alliance’s Outreach Committee about how to navigate uncomfortable spaces, use effective communication, and how to balance personal responsibilities.
  • Taught kindergartens about phonics and helped them draw for Hispanic Heritage month.
  • Worked on Veterans Day actives and helped student during an interview of a Coast Guard Veteran. 
  • Helped Ms. Boyd’s students in sounding out words and then helped Ms. Parkers 1st and 3rd grade class with math games.
  • Helped Ms. Parker with her foodraiser alongside the students.
  • Helped kindergarten students with phonics.
  • Helped Mrs Parker with organizing the library and helped a 3rd grade student with multiplication.
  • Helped Mrs. Parker get party hats for a school birthday celebration and read library books with a 3rd grader one-on-one.
  • Helped Ms. Parker make some binders that had papers to help guide tutors in teaching reading. And I helped some students with writing.
  • Helped with spelling, administration duties, and reading comprehension.
  • I collected library books from all the classrooms and organized them onto the library shelves.
  • I did some math flashcards with two K-1 students in addition to helping a teacher with some clerical tasks.
  • I helped some students with an assignment where they had to fill in the blank when writing.
  • I helped students clean up and organize in the cafeteria.
  • Helped to tidy up the book shelf and played with children.
  • Helped a small group of students check out books in the library, as well as completed some lesson materials for Mrs. Parker.
  • Helped a student write her name using a guide.
  • Organized files and binders for the classroom.
  • Said bye to my class and worked at the foodraiser.
  • Stapled and sorted papers, organized a supplies closet, facilitated a student activity on disabilities.
  • Started out helping students cut out picture and words from magazines to form a mural. Then, I had 1 on 1 tutoring with a student where we practiced addition and subtraction games.
  • Helped organize classroom library, took kids outside on a walk, and helped with math games.
  • Helped organize classroom materials and engaged with kids through drawing.
  • Helped out with the Frida Khalo lesson and helped clean up the office/display case.
  • Helped out with the Wellness Day activity.
  • Helped student pick up book and worked on nouns.
  • Helped students do a mock voting simulation and helped make posters for a 5th grade classroom about the states of matter.
  • Helped students with a special Olympics education activity.
    helped the children create a mural outside the school.
  • Helped the kids fill out their ballots.
  • Helped grade 3 choose books and then went over vocabulary with individual students.
  • Tutored 3rd grade math
  • Helped kids during a student staff soccer game.
  • Helped kids with reading, comprehension, and answering questions.
  • Helped with an art project and went over letter sounds with third graders.
    Helped with classroom.
  • Helped with spelling and name sounds with kindergarteners.
  • I helped with recess and took the kids on a walk.
  • I led a math game and phonics lessons for elementary schoolers.
  • I read a book about The Day of the Dead to a class of second graders.
  • I walked students from the classrooms to the sidewalk. It was student wellness day, so I helped the students write something they loved about themselves with chalk on the sidewalk.
  • I worked with Ms. Holmsberg’s Kindergarten class. I was mostly building a relationship with the students and reminding them to stay on task while they did their mCLASS testing.
  • Nonsense words game
  • Read a story about people who were successful even with disabilities. I also assisted in collecting books students needed to return or check out.