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Lakewood Montessori Middle School

Type of organization: Public Elementary School (Durham Public Schools)

Grades served: K-5

Address: 2119 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707

Website: LMMS website

🚗 DRIVEABLE | 6 min drive from East Campus

🚌PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION | 26 min bus ride from East Campus

👣WALKABLE | 40 min walk from East Campus


About the school

Lakewood Montessori Middle School is a Durham Public Schools Magnet, which means that all students are selected through a lottery. The school is based on the Montessori system. Expect to engage with multi-age classrooms, and an environment that fosters “independence, connection to the natural world, life skills, and micro-enterprise.”

Read more about the LMMS Montessori experience here.

Entering the building

Pictures from around the school

Our partner at LMMS

Volunteering at LMMS

Zachary Osofsky

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering at LMMS primarily consists of tutoring support in math.

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Aided 6th grade students in ratios exercise comparing weights on earth and different planets.
  • Aided 7th graders in point slope form practice.
  • aided 7th graders with linear equations review.
  • Aiding in class review for division using fractions.
  • Began working with advanced 8th grade math students on triangle congruence.
  • Help students with math, building community with them.
  • Help teaching ratios and coordinate systems to a group of 6th grades.
  • Helped with a science experiments.
  • Helped run activities for math.
  • I did a worksheet with a small group of advanced students on the topic that they will be working on next week, and then help another classroom with an specific student.
  • I first helped with math and teaching ratios by going around and helping students with a worksheet. Then I went to another class and help with history. 
  • I helped teach a lesson on ratios for Ms. Kohel’s 6th grade class. 
  • I tutored D in exponent rules.
  • I worked with three students together and we completed math work about proportions and ratios.
  • Led group of 8 advanced 6th graders in ratios exercise
    Math 7 Exponentials
    Math 7: Proportions
    Math 7: Solving 1 step algebraic Equations
    Proportions 7th grade
    Solving Linear equations
  • Today I worked with M on word problems involving percentages. I then worked with A and C on the same concept.
  • Today I worked with S, M, C, and Din a small group on solving one-step equations. I then worked one-on-one with Dand then with Aexamining the same concept.
  • Today, I worked one-on-one with A and then one-on-one with C solving unit rate word problems. A and I then did an exercise on understanding proportionality and visualized the concept in different ways.
  • We did an introduction to functions today. I
    went around the classroom and helped with ratios and conversions.
  • Worked on a math puzzle with kids.
  • Worked with 6th graders on ratio worksheet, gave 8th graders challenge problem.
  • I tutored an individual kid that was sick the week before and had to catch up.
  • I worked with A, D, and C on word-problems with proportions and then worked with the C5 students during their science lab where they were using microscopes.
  • I worked with Ms. Hlavaty to help students complete a mathematics worksheet.
  • I worked one-on-one with M on multiplying and dividing fractions and then worked one-on-one with D on multiplying and dividing negative and positive fractions and decimals. With both students, we talked about converting mixed fractions to improper fractions and about using the reciprocal to divide fractions.
  • I worked with 7th-grader M on understanding addition with negative numbers through number-line visualization and practice problems.
  • I worked in C1 and C3 classrooms. In C1, I helped kids with exponent rules, and in C3 I helped kids with proportions and ratios.
  • I worked individually with M on multiplying and dividing with negatives and positives and then worked with students in Ms. Hlavaty’s room. The students were working in groups solving real-world problems involving negative numbers and fractions. I particularly worked with A and G and focused on the visualization of a division problem and the use of improper fractions.