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EK Powe Elementary School






Type of organization:  Public Elementary School (Durham Public Schools)

Ages served: K-5

Address: 913 9th St, Durham, NC 27705

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18 min walk from the West Duke building on East Campus

Entering the buiding

Photos from around the school

Our partners at EK Powe

Hannah Seidenberg

First grade teacher

“I am a 1st grade teacher at E.K. Powe Elementary School, located on 9th St, right across the street from Monuts. Our class has 18 amazing students and are looking for volunteers to work individually with students on reading/math skills and to assist with some classroom activities.”

Sample volunteer tasks

  •  Worked with two students on math, snack time, group math work
  • We worked on the ‘en’ sound group.
  • During individual reading I helped two non-English speakers by reading with them and expanding vocabulary.
  • Did addition problems so I walked around and helped draw out problems for those not grasping as well.
  • Worked on letter sounds with the class, then individually on reading and translating English with the Russian speaking student down the hall.
  • Tutored two girls individually on reading and writing correctly.
  • Worked on math with the whole class.
  • Helped sort and hang materials.
  • Helped students in a larger group through sound recall and writing. Took certain students aside to continue working on these separately for around 20 min/each.
  • Helped with math exercises, things like counting on and number bonds.
  • Helped facilitate different games for the kids during recess.
  • Helped kids individually with reading books and mapping out phonemes.
  • Helped a student from another class who only speaks Russian (I speak it as well) with reading and writing English, then helped my class with math.
  • I went over subtraction methods with a group.
  • I worked with individuals on letter sounds and how those sounds create words.
  • Helped facilitate games during recess.
  • Independent reading, group math activities, counting on, dance break!
  • Power was out at the school, so I played with kids on the playground and helped with dismissal.
  • Reading 1-1 with students, subtraction work, r-modified vowels.
  • Taught a group of three how to do double digit addition.
  • Tutoring 3 kids in reading.
  • Taught a group how to add together more than two numbers.
  • Worked with individual children who are behind classmates on reading mostly. Then did a little math work with the whole class.
  • Worked with kids all together on reading, then a Russian speaker on comprehension, then 2 children individually on reading, then the whole class again on math!
  • Worked with the class on word families.
  • Helped them get ready for the book fair.

Kristen Wagner

Second grade teacher

The main time I’m hoping to have a tutor to work with students is 11:40-12:30. I pull small groups and work 1:1 with students during this time and it would be an ideal time for other students to get similar support from a tutor. The activities involved would be reading with a student, practicing high frequency words, math computation practice, and/or writing support.”

There are non-instructional activities before and after this time:

  • 11:10-11:40 Recess
  • 12:30-1:05 Lunch
  • 1:05-1:35 Writing Support”

Volunteers can sign up for several sessions in series to fit their schedules/ interests.

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Helped children learn letters.
  • Tutored D in letters
  • Tutored I and O in phonetic sounds.
  • Taught O sounds.
  • Helped D with the alphabet.

Curtis Walker

Health and Physical Education Specialist

“All of our classes involve the four disciplines of Physical Education (PE).

  • Personal Social Responsibility
  • Motor Skills
  • Health Related Fitness
  • Movement Concepts

“Each volunteer will work as a facilitator, mentor or friend that encourages, models, and reinforces based on the volunteer’s unique skills and talents. Maybe they work great as an encourager, reminding individual students the importance of fair play and sharing. Or perhaps they played high school soccer and can demonstrate the correct foot strike with the inside foot. Or a volunteer may have an enthusiasm about good health and show that everyone has different abilities, and healthy lifestyles benefit us all, so have fun.”

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Basketball! we worked on bounces passes, chest passes, and shooting.
  • Helped in multiple relay races in PE.
  • Helped run PE class for 4th and 5th grade, assisted in monitoring activities, and helped clean up.
  • Helped setup equipment for various games for students.
  • Hula hooped, played castle ball!
  • I Assisted kids in playing soccer outside.
  • I helped kids use proper catching techniques when catching a ball.
  • Played a basketball shooting game/ competition.
  • Played a game with the students, I helped demonstrate how it was done.
  • Played balance games (pac-man tag)
  • Played basketball with 4th and 5th grade.
  • Played castle ball, had a more independent warm-up.
  • Played destroy the castle, where the kids try to knock each other’s castles over with dodge balls.
  • Played line tag with 4th and 5th grade.
  • Played relay games to teach teamwork and motor skills.
  • Played with the parachute in PE and learned control of the parachute and how to move it.
  • Soccer! worked on dribbling and shooting.
  • We had class outside today and played a version of 4-square with soccer balls and passing using the feet.
  • Worked on tossing and catching with the Kindergarteners and underhand serves, bumping and setting with the 3rd graders.
  • Played volleyball and worked on proper volleyball form with 4th and 5th grade.
  • Jump rope skills and practice and a soccer-like tag game.