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Lyon Park CommUNITY Scholars







Type of Organization: After-school program

Grades served: 1-7

Address: 1309 Halley St, Durham, NC, 27707

Phone Number: 919-536-4200


🚗 DRIVEABLE | 5 min drive from East Campus

🚌PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION | 28 min bus ride from East Campus

👣WALKABLE | 28 min walk from East Campus


Things to know

The Mission of West End Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of the WestEnd (Southwest Central Durham area) and the City of Durham through education, community development, health care, job training and human enrichment by conducting activities.

Lyon Park CommUNITY Scholars provides tutoring and enrichment to children from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Our partners at Lyon Park


Director – Lyon Park CommUNITY Scholars



CommUNITY Scholars teacher

Entering the building

Pictures from around the community center

  • If driving, park in a marked area on the street, or in the parking lot opposite center.

  • Enter the building, tell the front desk person why you are there, and sign in to the book on the pedestal in front of you.

  • Turn right, then left down the corridor towards the back of the building. Check in for CommUNITY Scholars is in the room on the left at the end of the corridor

  • Sign in again in the CommUNITY Scholars sign-in book.

  • Pick up your name badge and put it on.

  • See Ms.Thornton for further instructions.

Sample volunteer tasks

  • Assisted a student with math, spelling and reading homework.
  • Assisted student with literacy homework and crossword puzzles.
  • Assisted student with literacy workbook, handwriting and reading exercises.
  • Assisting students with math homework and reading aloud.
  • Cooking and gym time.
  • Did art project with students where we used vegetables and paint to make postcards.
  • Did crossword puzzles, played uno, and did puzzles with kids.
  • Did reading with a second grader and practiced pronouncing certain letters together.
  • Sports and playing bingo game with kids.
  • Doing sports with kids in the gym and teaching them to draw cartoon characters.
  • Facilitated gym and arts and crafts activities for K-2 students.
  • First, I helped out with a writing assignment that required them to write six sentences about a word they could make up. Next, I helped with multiplication (single digit times triple digit and double digit times double digit).
  • Fun Friday. Play paper plane in gym and had art class.
  • Have cooking class and gym activities.
  • Helped child with her math homework and reading assignments, and then played Legos with her.
  • Helped a kid with her math homework, reading, and writing.
  • Helped a student complete their weekly homework, practice sight words, and answer the question of the day.
  • Helped a student through her math homework and checked it afterward.
  • Helped a student with reading and comprehension. We filled out a plot diagram.
  • Helped child with homework, reading, and writing practice; supervised gym time.
  • Helped one student with math homework and reading, helped another with reading and workbook, and then played out on the playground with the kids.
  • Helped organize the students and did creative activities with them and facilitated PE for interested students.
  • Tutored 3rd and 4th graders with a reading/grammar assignment. They had to read through a paragraph and find all the mistakes and correct them. I helped them when they were stuck. Next, helped them with a reading assignment with comprehension questions. Lastly, played in the gym with them (basketball).
  • Worked on some reading, then played outside with chalk, and played tag and hide and seek.
  • Worked on writing the answer to the question of the day, played a word game and reading.
  • Worked with a 6th grader doing math homework and a 5th grader on reading skills. Also just connected with the 6th grader on school-life.
  • Worked with E. Read together and made buttons.
  • Worked with M on subtraction and word search.
  • Worked with student to understand spatial reasoning skills and geography via puzzles.
  • I helped a student do her question of the day and reading comprehension. We then played with a ball she made with plastic straws and connectors.
  • I helped a student with her question of the day and math homework, and I read a book to her so that she could do a concept map.
  • I helped one student with math, handwriting, and reading, and another student with a word comprehension worksheet. I also played games in the gym with the kids.
  • I helped one student with writing, spelling, and reading, played freeze tag, and helped one other student with math and reading.
  • I helped students with their reading and math homework.
  • I helped two different students with their math homework and one student with reading and then played outside with the kids.
  • Played word game with buzzers and white board.
  • Reading the Dick and Jane books and helping with homework the students had for that day.
  • Helping students with literacy, monitoring playground time, and working on writing worksheets.
  • Math and reading– celebrating a birthday!
  • Tutored K-2 Students in math, reading, and spelling.
  • Tutored the students with first their writing assignment and then their division homework.
  • Worked in math in long multiplication.
  • Worked on colors and shapes in the workbook, reading Dick and Jane books, and short vs long vowel sounds.
  • Helping student with spelling, learning words, and reading out loud for correct pronunciation.
  • Helped student with math, spelling and reading homework.
  • Helped student with her math homework, writing assignment, and reading a book.
  • I helped a third grader complete a worksheet about division, write a short paragraph about the worst thing to wear to school, and helped her read a book. At the end, we made origami birds.
  • I helped my regular student work on her question of the day, reading comprehension, and spelling work.
  • I helped one kid with his math, reading, and spelling and another kid with her writing.
  • Helping students with their homework in math, phonics, and writing.
  • I helped a student complete her question of the day, EOG-style reading comprehension packet, and times tables.
  • I helped a student complete her sight words assignment, answer her question of the day, and complete 10 subtraction problems.
  • I helped a student do 4-digit multiplication and reading.
  • I helped with reading short books and math problems (addition and subtraction).
  • I tutored Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students in reading and math.
  • I tutored three different students through their homework in math and reading.
  • I tutored two students in math, reading and spelling.
  • I worked with a student on parenthetical math and reading comprehension.
  • Monitored students outside time, Assisted a student with her math homework.
  • Oversaw and helped student with counting and addition, describing images and handwriting exercises.
  • There was a health and nutritional presentation where we discussed healthy meals and healthy snacks to make at home. After that, I helped them with their reading assignment that tested comprehension.
  • Today I helped with a lot of math, plus reading at the end and learning what to do if there’s a fire in your house.
  • Helped the students complete their writing assignment. Then quizzed a student on their spelling words and helped them complete a reading comprehension worksheet.
  • Helped the students finish their writing assignment then helped a student complete his math homework.
  • Helped with PE and arts and crafts activities.
  • Helped student with his handwriting, coloring and spelling exercises.