• Type of organization: Public Elementary School (Durham Public Schools)
  • Ages served: K-5
  • Address: 3007 Mt Sinai Rd, Durham, NC, 27705
  • Website:https://www.dpsnc.net/Forest-View

11 min drive from East Campus

From the website:

“Forest View Elementary School’s mission is to help students grow intellectually, socially and emotionally as they become creative, confident problem solvers prepared for global citizenship. With more than 40 countries represented in our student body, we offer a unique international perspective for students and parents. The diversity of our student body enriches the classroom learning environment and enlarges students’ understanding of our complex world.”

What to expect:

Students may be helping out in classrooms, tutoring, helping at recess or lunch, or just chatting with FV students. Ms.Agoranos will match volunteers with classrooms and children around the school based on volunteer preferences and skills, and the needs of the children/ school.

Our partner at Forest View

Elizabeth Agoranos

Assistant Principal