DKU support

  • DKU internal (need NetID, only for employee):
  • NetID apply: Cathy Li (36657249) from HR office;
  • Email DKU Campus Services (3665-7111) for any operation related issues (campus access, etc.);
  • Office supplies: Either contact supervisor directly (for notebook, pens, rulers, etc.) or order and get reimbursed following the protocol below;
  • Other requests may be addressed to Jocky (Qi Zhu, DNAS admin).
Procurement & Supply

While building up and maintaining the lab, we need to order consumables and lab equipment regularly. All purchase requires permission from the supervisor. There are three categories depending on the cost:

  1. Total value < 4000 RMB: order directly (from e.g.,, get fapiao, and get reimbursed using NC system;
  2. Value [4k¥, 20k¥): go through procurement process (PR);
  3. Value >= 20k¥: same PR process, offers from multiple vendors needed, takes longer time.

For item 2, 3, please identify the exact model and local vendor before contact Tina (Zexing Xia, procurement office). PLEASE check this protocol for more details.


(need VPN to access if you are off campus )

  • Access to over 200’000 online journals via Duke University Library
  • Access to over 2 million e-books via here.
  • For looking up material properties: CRC handbook
  • Contact Johanna Hare (discuss with supervisor in advance) to make a recommendation or for more information (e.g., training on Zotero).

The office of Environment, Health and Safety at DKU is responsible for lab safety. For a general overview, please check this ppt from a previous training. For more information, please check the more detailed guideline from Germany.

Please contact Lin Luo (3665-7544) if you have any questions concerning lab safety.

Electric- and mechanical machine shops
DKU level shared working stations are still under construction. Currently, two workstations in IB2073 are assigned for the purpose. In addition, you are welcome to use 3D printers or other equipment in DKU creative maker space for prototyping.

Feel free to search for local companies or online for such services, but be very careful with the quality.

Currently, we don’t have glass workshop or wood workshop on campus. One needs to search online for potential vendors.

DKU VPN setup
DKU VPN provides the ability for DKU faculty, students, and staff to establish a secure tunnel from their computers/devices to the DKU network.

You can refer to this instruction page for the setup process.