Laboratory & Machine locations

Laboratory Locations
The lab space is mostly located in Innovation Building.
  • Applied Science Lab (IB2073)
    • Experimental setups: Coefficient-of-Restitution, Drop-on-Demand, Dune, Active jamming, Hertz contact, 3D scanning, etc.;
    • Mechanical + electronic workstations; 3D printers, Robot hand, etc.
  • Vibration Lab (IB1034)
    • Experimental setups: Vibrator, Radar tracking;
  • (Shared) Physics teaching lab (IB1045): In case you need to handle chemicals, please use the fume hood there. Please ask your supervisor or physics lab manger Yi Zhang (3665 – 7331) for access.

In addition, we also have a small mechanical workshop with CNC, drilling machines, etc. If you have jobs to sent, please contact physics lab technician Chen Xi for details.

Please acknowledge DNAS Fablab and corresponding staff for project supported by us (E.g., “This work is partly supported by Fablab @ DNAS”).  This will be a great encouragement for our dedicated staff to provide better support. We are also eager to hear feedback from you.