Laboratory & Machine locations

Laboratory Locations
Both labs are currently located in Innovation Building.
  • Applied Science Lab (IB2073)
    • Experimental setups: Coefficient-of-Restitution, Drop-on-Demand, Dune, Active jamming, Hertz contact, 3D scanning, etc.;
    • (part of DKU creative maker space): Mechanical + electronic workstations; 3D printers, Robot hand, etc.
  • Vibration Lab (IB1034)
    • Experimental setups: Vibrator, Radar tracking;
    • Storage of granular materials.
  • (Shared) Physics teaching lab (IB1045): In case you need to handle chemicals, please use the fume hood there. Please ask supervisor or physics lab manger Yi Zhang (3665 – 7331) for access.