Form 3

for Beginner

The printer Form 3 is from Formlabs with a z-axis resolution 25µm

Printing technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)

Find more details here.

Printer components

  1. Resin Cartridge
  2. Status light
  3. Cover
  4. Build Platform
  5. Resin Tank
  6. Touchscreen
  7. Status light
  8. Leveling disc


Current in use: PreForm Software 3.6.0 + Firmware 1.7.3

IP of the Printer:


  • Resin tank
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Check here if error messages arise on the touchscreen
  • Resin disposal: put in a plastic bag, cure them with sunlight and dispose as usual waste.
  • If you don’t use it for long time (month), remove the resin tank, cover it and keep it somewhere else. It may happen that the tank will leak at the bottom.
  • Firmware is normally downloaded and updated automatically with simple clicks, but sometimes one has to to it manually.