CNC milling machine

Manufacturer:  Luoyang MIKONI Tech.

Model: 430P-QA

Basic info:

Number of tools housed: 8
Number of axes: 3 (X/Y/Z)
X/Y/Z limit stroke: 415/310/150
T groove distance: 75mm
Type of the tool holder: ISO-20
Maximum tool diameter: 10mm
Worktable size: 400*300mm

Control panel description

1.     Pre-operational safety checks

a.     Locate & ensure you are familiar with the operation of the ON/OFF and emergency stop controls.

b.     Be aware of any other personnel in the immediate vicinity and ensure the area is clear before using this equipment.

c.     Always secure work to the mill table. Never mill loose work. Never secure the work with hands.

d.     Always check and validate spindle speed with the endmill size and type of material before beginning the milling process.

e.     Check that the workpiece is clamped securely in the chuck.

f.      Ensure the cutting tool is clear of the workpiece before starting the machine.


NOTE: Always disconnect the machine from the power source before making any repair, or adjustment, or when installing or removing tooling.


2.     Starting procedure

a.     Double-check all measurements for the operating machine on the workpiece.

b.     Position the workpiece as desired and clamp it to the table.

c.     Determine the correct reference coordinate system under manual mode.

d.     Choose the appropriate program as desired.

e.     Before starting the cycle, step through the program under test mode to make sure the cutting tool cannot hit the workpiece or other places. Then start the cycle.

f.      Switch off the machine when work is completed.

g.     Wait until the spindle has completely stopped before unclamping the workpiece.

h.     Clean the machine after use and dispose of debris.


NOTE: Never leave the machine running unattended.


3.     Post-operation

a.     Before making adjustments and measurements or cleaning swarf accumulations, switch off and bring the machine to a complete standstill.

b.     Use a brush or rag to remove all excess chips from the mill bed and stock. Clean up the work area, removing any metal chips or debris from the milling machine and surrounding area.

c.     Store the cutting tools and accessories in a designated area, ensuring they are protected from damage and unauthorized use.


d.     On completion, isolate the switches. Leave the machine in a tidy, clean, and safe state.