Formal things to go through

Before start to work in CDL (as student workers, interns, research assistants, and postdoc), please:

  1. Learn regulations and rules of CDL (current version: cdl_lab_rules_v0.1), meet your supervisor or lab manager for a training and sign the cdl_lab_safety_agreement (note that this is in addition to the general lab safety training you get before access IB);
  2. Read and sign the CDL_Confidentiality_Agreement, be aware to protect jointly developed intellectual properties (including but not limited to algorithms, software packages, experimental approaches, raw data) before the release of final products (in forms of publications, patents, or open source packages, etc.);
  3. Learn how to use WordPress (watch this introduction kindly provided by DKU communications) if you don’t have any experience before. We will use this platform to post latest progresses on the project you are working on in order to facilitate regular group discussions and exchange of ideas. NOTE: Please connect DKU vpn (even if you are on campus) and use chrome to edit the page to avoid very slow access.

:!: Important: Do NOT cause troubles for the others.

  • Label all the chemical waste before disposal; (pay attention to separate solvent, organic and inorganic waster before disposal);
  • Syringes and needles should be thrown in them temporarily in a labeled plastic bottle in the lab;
  • Broken soft glass should be trashed separately from Duran glass since the latter is not recyclable (different melting temperature). Details concerning waste glass

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