Structure & Dates

Duke APPLI is structured to provide working professionals a program rich in content.  Participants will be presented new perspectives, best practices and innovative tools by renowned interdisciplinary experts from Duke University and across the nation. Through peer-to-peer learning, this 12-month leadership development program promotes a lifelong network of health profession leaders to support and reinforce each other’s efforts during and beyond the training year. The program’s diverse activities build individual and team leadership capacity and are designed to be engaging educational experiences while still accommodating professional-personal life demands.  Depending on their profession/discipline, participants may earn professional continuing education units for participation in select program activities.  Eligible activities will be advertised as such in advance of the activity date.

Activity Timeline by Month

Schedule of fellow events throughout the year

Activities Summary

Program Activities – **Required of all individual participants and team leads *** All participants are encouraged to participate.


Core Learning Domains

All program topics covered generally fall within eight core learning domains.

Below are sample topics that could be included within each domain.


Program Technology: Participants must have access to webcams, microphones, high-speed internet, and the Zoom virtual conference platform.  Participants must also have access to Microsoft Office or an acceptable equivalent.

Attendance: All participants are expected to engage in required activities (web-conferences, consultative panels, transformational projects, and project circles). Any absences must be approved in advance by the program office, and participants must make up missed activities (for example, by viewing a session recording and providing written feedback).

Time Investment: Participants are expected to devote an average of 12-20 hours per month to program activities, including transformational project planning & implementation. This will vary throughout the year according to project demands and program activities.