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Benefits & Outcomes



Participant Benefits

The investment of Duke APPLI participants’ time and efforts can lead to enhanced skills and initiatives that address clinical and social drivers of health equity, which, in turn, lead to more efficient, effective and sustainable health care systems and improve the health outcomes and well-being of clients and their communities. Through a flexible, content-rich structure designed for busy professionals, participants and their teams will:

  • earn continuing education (CE) or continuing medical education (CME) hours, if applicable, for training activities
  • develop core skills related to leadership, management, communication, team building, change management and workplace culture of well-being to effectively lead or support interprofessional health care teams and practices
  • become familiar with state-of-the-art quality improvement tools and methodologies to catalyze change within systems and communities of care
  • improve ability to engage with key stakeholders to advocate for patients’ needs within the larger health care system and community
  • receive expert guidance to develop and execute quality improvement and population health initiatives that are efficient and effective in improving individual, health systems and community health outcomes
  • implement tangible, immediate organizational improvement strategies through team executed health improvement project
  • participate in innovative and engaging leadership and management learning experiences with diverse colleagues, guided by national experts
  • receive project mentorship and executive coaching from health care and other industry leaders
  • develop strategies to promote a workplace culture that enhances provider adaptability, well-being, resilience

Employer Benefits

Healthcare employers face immense challenges in today’s landscape. From long-standing healthcare inequities and health facility deserts to a global pandemic that has broken down healthcare silos worldwide as healthcare facilities and community health organizations struggle with contingency planning. Conscientious employers aim to empower their existing healthcare workforce to meet modern day challenges and build workforce contingency plans into their strategic planning efforts, which is what Duke APPLI can help employers do. Partnering with Duke APPLI is like healthcare human capital crisis prevention, getting out ahead of staffing emergencies, employee burn out and poor crisis management. Providing employees and their teams the ability to participate in Duke APPLI allows them to feel valued and an opportunity to become better versions of themselves, which, in turn, translates to better versions of their organizations and communities.



The APPLI training model was developed and refined through eight years of program implementation of the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program, generously supported by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation. Some highlights of that program’s leadership development experience and transformational project impact include, as reported by participants and employers at the end of the program year:

  • Improved cost, efficiency, value: 88% of projects generated value for the organization, including: improved quality of care; reduced cost; and new funding; partnerships and awards
  • Stronger, more efficient teams: 33% improvement in team behaviors, including coordination, communication, and cooperation
  • Enhanced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices: 50% increase in understanding of DEI; 40% increase in ability to operationalize DEI principles
  • Better leaders and managers: 32% improvement in measures related to leadership & management skills
  • Increased provider resilience: 231% increase in measures related to personal resiliency

Employers Say:

 “[Participation] helped create a culture in the unit around value based care, which will carry forward from not just avoidance of routine daily lab ordering, but mindfulness in many areas of cost and efficiency.”

 “This program was phenomenal! [The participant I supervise] learned so much and came back so energized by the people and course content. She was a rock star before the program, but she is even more of a rock star now. I think her mentor helped her a lot, gave her an objective and outside perspective. She was quite reflective throughout the year and that benefited all of us as she continued to ask excellent questions and push all of us towards excellence.”

Participants Say:

“If you are looking for an environment where you are challenged to evaluate your leadership style, nurture your professional self and build a   network of colleagues who have a similar interest….this is the program for you.”

“This fellowship has opened my eyes to my own capabilities to effect change. I can and will be a catalyst in my organization. I have been able to impact our clinic culture in such a positive way with this project. It is a totally different place to go to work! I feel empowered and confident to move forward to meet the demands of an underserved population. I also understand the value of a team and can work with my team in a more positive and productive way.”

“The program was the greatest leadership training experience that I have ever had. It helped me to more effectively negotiate and collaborate with others in my field. I have more confidence and much more flexibility with changing situations at work. It broadened my way of processing things in a professional sense; I am a more forward thinker.”