Monthly Archives: February 2021

SPIE Medical Imaging 2021

Our QIAL papers presented at the SPIE Medical Imaging 2021:

  1. Clark DP, Badea CT. A constrained Bregman framework for unsupervised convolutional denoising of multi-channel x-ray CT data. SPIE Medical Imaging. 2021; 115950J. 
  2. Holbrook MD, Clark DP, Badea CT. Deep learning based spectral distortion correction and decomposition for photon counting CT using calibration provided by an energy integrated detector. SPIE Medical Imaging. 2021; 1159520.
  3. Holbrook MD, Clark DP, Patel R, Qi Y, Mowery YM, Badea CT. Towards deep learning segmentation of lung nodules using micro-CT data. SPIE Medical Imaging. 2021; 116000I.