Duke University offers a comprehensive range of core facilities and shared resources to support microbiome research. One of the key objectives of the Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) is to ensure that these resources meet the needs of the Duke microbiome research community.  Sections 1 and 2 below list key resources supported directly or indirectly by the DMC.  For additional information, please contact these cores directly or contact us.

1. Duke Core Facility Resources for Microbiome Research

2. Guidelines Regarding Human Subjects Protection and Microbiome Research

We are happy to share these Guidelines Regarding Human Subjects Protection and Microbiome Research for individuals considering collecting human samples, research with samples that have already been collected, or research with microbes cultured or isolated from human samples. These guidelines are meant to address questions of when a full IRB protocol is needed (and which may require patient consent), when research may be considered exempt (while an IRB submission may be needed, patient consent may not), or when IRB review is not needed. Of course, these are guidelines, and if there is ever a question, the IRB remains available to help. These guidelines were developed by Sharon Ellison and Jody Power from the IRB and John Rawls, Lawrence David, Raphael Valdivia, Neil Surana, Naz Siddiqui, and many others from the DMC community.

3. Additional Duke Links

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5. Grant Writing Resources