Duke University offers a comprehensive range of core facilities and shared resources to support microbiome research. One of the key objectives of the Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) is to ensure that these resources meet the needs of the Duke microbiome research community.  Sections 1 and 2 below list key resources supported directly or indirectly by the DMC.  For additional information, please contact these cores directly or contact us.

1. Microbiome Bioinformatics Resources

The primary resource provided by the Duke Microbiome Center is the DMC Bioinformatics Group which provides expertise and training in algorithmic, statistical, and mathematical techniques to solve problems of interest to biology, biotechnology, and biomedicine. The DMC Bioinformatics Group works with researchers in need of data analysis, provides training through workshops, and is available for consultation. The DMC Bioinformatics Group facilitates projects either through direct collaboration with investigators or through core facility services in partnership with the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (click here to learn more).

2. Duke Core Facility Resources for Microbiome Research

3. Additional Duke Links

4. Microbial Science Centers

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