Microbiome Jobs

Jobs within Duke Microbiome Center:

Research Technician – Ecological and Environmental Toxicology – Duke University

Associate in Research/Lab Technician – Microbial Genomics

Postdoctoral Fellow – Development and analysis of genomic surveys of human diet
Postdoctoral Fellow – Genomic surveys of diet and wastewater
Bioinformatician – Generate, analyze, and visualize genomic food intake data

Lab Research Analyst – Host–Microbiome–Immune Interactions
Research Technician – Host–Microbiome–Immune Interactions
Postdoctoral Associate – Host–Microbiome–Immune Interactions

Research Technician – Duke Microbiome Core

External Academic Positions:

Tenure Track Assistant/Associate Professor – Microbiota and Mucosal Immunity – University of Utah

Tenure Track Assistant Professor – Synthetic Biology – University of Minnesota

Laboratory Manager – Microbiome and Dietary Research – Brown University

Tenure Track Faculty – Microbiome Science – University of California, Davis

Assistant/Associate Professor – Virology – North Carolina State University

Junior Group Leader – Microbiota and Physiopathology – University of Orleans, France
Senior Group Leader – Microbiota and Physiopathology – University of Orleans, France

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Microbiology/Immunology – University of South Carolina, Charleston

Research Technician – Virginia State University

Associate Researcher – Marine Biotechnology – Sultan Qaboos University

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Biostatistics/Bioinformatics – NYU School of Medicine

Junior Tenure-Track Faculty – Center for Microbiome Research – UMass Chan Medical School

Computational Biologist/Bioinformaticist – Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch – NIH

Remote Staff – Computational Metagenomics – University of Alabama (Payami Lab)

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Comparative Genomics/Microbial Ecology – University of Hawaii

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Microbiota-Host and Microbiota-Diet Interactions – NCSU

Postdoctoral Fellow – Quantitative Evolutionary Microbiology – Rutgers

Professor and CIHR Canada Research Chair – Microbiota-Host Interactions – Université du Québec à Montréal

Microbiome Positions in Industry:

Senior Research Microbiologist – AgBiome – Raleigh, NC

Bioinformatics Data Engineer – Locus Biosciences – Raleigh, NC

Preclinical Research Technician – Locus Biosciences – Raleigh, NC

Principal Scientist – VitaKey Inc. – Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

Scientist (Full Time) – Verb Biotics – Durham, NC