Center Faculty

DMC faculty have primary appointments in a range of Schools and Institutes across Duke University, including the Duke School of Medicine, the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology, the Nicholas School for the Environment, the Pratt School of Engineering, the Duke Marine Laboratories, Duke Departments of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology, and the School of Arts and Sciences. Duke faculty members interested in affiliating with the Duke Microbiome Center please contact Cindy Wicker.

John Rawls, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Lawrence David, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Jason W. Arnold, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Claudia Gunsch, PhDCivil and Environmental Engineering
Matthew Kelly, MD, MPH Pediatrics
Anthony Sung, MDDepartment of Medicine
Adela Rambi Cardones, MDDepartment of Dermatology
Amy Schmid, PhDBiology/ Center for System Biology
Ana P. Barros, PhDCivil and Environmental Engineering
Anne Yoder, PhDBiology/ Duke Lemur Center
Brenna L. Hughes, MD, MScObstetrics and Gynecology
Charles Nunn, PhDEvolutionary Anthropology
Christine Drea, PhDEvolutionary Anthropology
Cindy AmundsenObstetrics and Gynecology
Dana Hunt, PhDNicholas School of the Environment
Daniel Rittschof, PhDNicholas School of the Environment
David Tobin, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Diego Bohorquez, PhDDepartment of Medicine and Neurobiolgy
Emily Bernhardt, PhDBiology
Emily Derbyshire, PhDChemistry
Francois Lutzoni, PhDBiology
Fred Dietrich, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Jatin Roper, MDDivision of Gastroenterology
Jean Philippe Gilbert, PhDBiology
Jennifer Ingram, PhDDepartment of Medicine
Jennifer Wernegreen, PhDNicholas School of the Environment
Jennifer Zhang, PhDDermatology
Jillian Hurst, PhDPediatrics
Joseph Heitman, MD, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Josh Granek, PhDBiostatistics and Bioinformatics
Julia Messina, MDDepartment of Medicine
Justin Wright, PhDBiology
Keri Seymour, DOMedicine-Metabolic & Weight Loss
Laurie Sanders, PhDNeurology
Li Ma, PhDDepartment of Statistical Science
Lingchong You, PhDBiomedical Engineering
Lisa Satterwhite, PhDCivil and Environmental Engineering
Michael D Lynch, PhDBiomedical Engineering
Murali Doraiswamy, MBBS FRCPPsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Nancy Zucker, PhDChild & Fam Mental Health & Dev Neuro
Nazema Siddiqui, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Neil Surana, MD, PhDPediatrics
Noelle Younge, MD, MHSPediatrics, Duke
Paul Magwene, PhDBiology
Paul Wischmeyer, MDDepartment of Medicine/ Anesthesiology and Surgery
Pixu Shi, PhDBiostatistics and Bioinformatics
Raphael Valdivia, PhDImmunology
Ru-Rong Ji, PhDAnesthesiology, Cell Biology, and Neurobiology
Rebecca Knackstedt, MD, PhD Department of Surgery
Rytas Vilgalys, PhDBiology
Sarah Heston, MDPediatrics
Sheng-Yang He, PhDBiology
So Young Kim, PhDMolecular Genetics and Microbiology
Staci Bilbo, PhDDepartment of Psychology & Neuroscience and Neurobiology
Steve Taylor, MDMedicine-Infectious Diseases
Sweta Patel, MDDepartment of Medicine
Yun Wang, PhDDepartment of Psychiatry
Zackary Johnson, PhDNicholas School of the Environment/ Biology

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