Fuqua Course Policies

Pratt’s Policy on Registering for Fuqua Courses

Fuqua courses are offered on a space available basis with instructor consent.   MEMP students may only register for one Fuqua course per term.  Additionally, MEMP student may audit one Fuqua course per semester (not per term).

* You should consider the amount of work you are able to manage when registering for Fuqua courses.  Although you can register for one course per term, Fuqua courses are fast-paced, demanding, and time-consuming due to their short duration.  If you have questions about your course schedule or your ability to manage Fuqua courses, please contact your faculty advisor.

Please review the Fuqua Registration Overview before submitting your request for a Fuqua course. 

Fuqua Registration Overview

Fall 2020 Registration Dates for Non-Fuqua Students

The Fall 2020 Course Schedule is available. Please see the following deadlines for submitting your request for Fuqua registration.

All Course Registration Requests must be complete and submitted to the Academic Coordinator at memp_ac@duke.edu, by to be announced at a later date. Any requests that are submitted after that will not be processed.

Students will be notified directly by Fuqua if they are approved/not approved for the course they’ve requested by to be determined. Students with time conflicts or registration blocks will not be added to waitlist for the Fuqua Course.

Fall 1 Fuqua Courses begin on TBD

Non-Fuqua students will be added to Fuqua courses on TBD

Fall 2 Fuqua Courses begin on TBD

Non-Fuqua students will be added to Fuqua courses on TBD


Available Courses and Instructor’s Permission

The Fuqua instructor’s consent is required in order to enroll in all Fuqua courses, regardless of whether you are taking them for credit or audit.  The Fuqua School of Business Registrar’s Office provides a list of courses available to non-Fuqua students for each semester.  This list of classes is non-negotiable and no exceptions will be made.  Courses that are not included on the list are not available to non-Fuqua students and it is not acceptable to contact the instructor seeking his/her permission to register for a course not on the list.  Doing so is disrespectful and unprofessional and will result in the denial of your Fuqua Course Registration Form.

Fall 2020 Available Fuqua Courses

Fuqua Course Registration Form


Fuqua Courses as MEMP Technical Electives

Not all Fuqua courses will count as technical electives in the Master of Engineering Management Program.  It is important to understand which courses will count as a technical elective and which ones do not.  Please see the list of courses available to non-Fuqua students for more information.  You are welcome to take a Fuqua course that is not approved as a technical elective, but credits earned for unapproved courses would be “extra” credits beyond the 30 credits required to graduate.

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