Course Withdrawals

Course Withdrawal Policy

Master of Engineering Management students may drop a course without it being included on their transcript until the last day of the Drop/Add period.  If a course is dropped after the Drop/Add period, the status of the student at the time of withdrawal from the course will be indicated on the permanent record as a withdraw (W).

A student seeking a course withdrawal will first meet with his or her academic dean to discuss eligibility and desirability of making a change in the student’s semester schedule.  If the student is authorized to withdraw by the dean, the student will seek a signature from the course instructor.  The requirement for the instructor’s signature provides an opportunity for the student to discuss the issues leading to the student’s request and to determine whether the student is fully informed about performance, grading and readiness for the course.  The signature also provides the mechanism by which instructors learn that the student will no longer be a member of the class.  The last day to withdraw from a course is the last day of classes for each semester.
Tuition and fees issued for course withdrawals can be seen on the bursar’s website for courses taken on the semester system.  For Fuqua courses on the term system, the dates listed on this site should be divided in half.

Course Withdrawal Form