MEM Academic Tracks

Customer Experience and Product Design

  • Prepares students for roles helping companies design and improve products in order to meet or exceed customer expectations, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy

Technology Development and Commercialization

  • Prepares students for transforming innovations into technology solutions, technology frameworks, business processes and workflows

Product Management

  • Prepares students to deal with the planning, forecasting, production, or marketing of products at all stages of their lifecycle

Technology Founders and Innovators

  • Prepares students to deal with challenges associated with starting a business and bringing innovations (products, technologies, business models) to market

Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Prepares students to design, operate, and improve supply chain systems required to create and deliver organization’s primary products and services

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Prepares students for roles that use data science to improve, accelerate, transform or disrupt business activities

Software Management

  • Prepares students for roles that leverage computer software at enterprise scale and that lead engineering teams to commercialize and maintain software

Build Your Own (General)

  • Take advantage of the full breadth of choices available at Duke University to customize an interdisciplinary curriculum