The 2021 Editon has finished! Thanks for participating.


April 14 – 22. 2021

[All events in GMT+8 -Shanghai time | click the date to join streaming via ZOOM | Rebroadcast in Eastern Standard Time <EST> available in selected events]

Wed. April 14. 10 am.  [Rebroadcast April 15. 7 pm EST]    | Casa Río [River House]. Argentina. Alejandro Meitín in Conversation with Professor Robin Rodd.

Thu. April 15. 10 am.  [Rebroadcast April 16. 7 pm. EST]     | Guardians of the Huaie River [淮河护卫队] China. Co-director Yumin Wang in Conversation with Huo Daishan. &  Visions of the Lost Sierra. USA. Matthew Ritenour.

Fri. April 16. 7 pm.  [Rebroadcast April 17. 7 pm. EST]    | The Lanthanide Series. USA. Erin Espelie & The last Nomad. China. Liu Zhuang.

Sat. April 17. 7 pm. [Rebroadcast April 18. 7 pm. EST]    | I Will Keep Your Light & Reverie. China. Chelsea Xinyi Chen in Conversation with Kaley Clements. & Sacbe: The path to good living. México. Mauricio Andrada.

Sun. April 18. 7 pm. [Rebroadcast April 19. 7 pm. EST]    | Student Shorts

Mon. April 19. 10 am. [Rebroadcast April 20. 7 pm. EST]    | Atrato & Abel. Colombia. Fernando Arias, Mas Arte [More Art/More Action] in Conversation with Professor Robin Rodd.

Tu. April 20. 10 am. [Rebroadcast April 21. 7 pm. EST]    | Silent Springs, True-Live Adventures, 内共生 Inside the Share Life, and 网膜 Net to Catch the Light. USA. In Conversation with Erin Espelie.

Tu. April 20. 7 pm.  [Live. April 20. 7 am EST]    | The National Park System in China. Films: Qinghai Sanjiangyuan National Park (I & II in Chinese) & Jiuzhaigou National Park (in English) China.

9:30 pm. [Live April 20. 9:30 am EST] Talk and Conversation by Professor Binbin Li on the National Park System in China.

Wed. April 21. 7 pm.    | Earth: Muted – Jinjing’s Story. China/Sweden. Commented by Alex Nickley &  Homo Botanicus. Colombia. Commented by David Rodríguez Mora.

Th. April 22. 10 am. [Rebroadcast April 23. 7 pm. EST]    | WORLD BOOK AND EARTH DAY SPECIAL. OUR COMMON GROUND. Transpacific Literary and Cultural Connections: Latin American Influence in Asia. Live Conversation with authors. Jie Lu, Martín Camps, and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo. Moderated by professor Zairong Xiang.

The 2021 edition of the festival will be virtual. All events will have a registration link -via zoom (click in the date as a hyperlink, to register and/or access for both Beijing Time and re-broadcast at Eastern Standard Time).  Registration will work on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Limited spaces.


In collaboration with the DKU Library, IMEP, The Latin American Working Group at DKU,  Humanities Research Center (DKU), The Enviro Art Gallery, CLACS, DUCIGS, APSI, Enviro-Art Gallery, Duke Arts.