I Will Keep Your Light, Reverie & Sacbé

Sat. April 17. 7 pm.
I Will Keep Your Light. Chelsea Xinyi Chen. China/Canada. 12’15.

Synopsis: As the seemingly irrevocable impacts of environmental pollution unfold, Zoe, a young pregnant woman, is fearful for the future of her unborn child. Only through reconnecting with her grandmother does she find hope in this measured and thoughtful drama.


A sudden power outage temporarily stopped the mom and her two kids from being occupied by digital devices. Together under the moonlight, they rediscover the moments that they‘ve missed.

Presented with:

SACBÉ: The path to good living. México. Mauricio Andrada. 2018. 29’25.

Buen Vivir, Sumak Kawsay, Sacbé (Well Being), are concepts used to define the ideal state of Indigenous communities in Mezo America, the Andes, and the Amazon. Sacbé: El Camino al Buen Vivir takes an environmental/health humanities approach to understand how Maya communities in the Yucatán Peninsula in southern Mexico represent issues of environmental and health via situated knowledge (of the forest), traditional medicine, food, and cultural practices.