Selected Vocal Music

Mother Tongues (Songs of Tsitsi Jaji) for high voice and piano (13′).  i. Ritual Object (after Willie Cole); ii. Lingua Poems (Corral-Good Taste-Coral); iii. From the Book of VaNyemba; iv. My Wilderness.

Premiere: Louise Toppin, soprano and Stephen Jaffe, piano, June 2023.

Who Cooks for You? (2009) mezzo-soprano, alto flute, guitar, viola (3’)

Premiere: Monadnock Music; Jana Batty, mezzo-soprano

Video: Richard Wilbur recites his poem, and Jana Batty sings

Fort Juniper Songs (1989) soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano (18′) (Poems of Robert Francis)

  1. O World of Toms 2. The Pope 3. Diver 4. Gloria 5. Blood Stains 6. Light Casualties 7. Waxwings

Premiere: Terry Rhodes, soprano; Ellen Williams, mezzo soprano; Michael Zenge, piano.

Program Note and Text:

Four Songs With Ensemble (1988)  mezzo-sop., alto fl (& fl.), vla., vc., pno. 18′

Premiere: Katherine Ciesinski, mezzo-soprano; An Appalachian Summer; Stephen Jaffe, conductor

NB for Spotify link: if you are trying to find Fort Juniper Songs, Four Songs with Ensemble, etc. they may be accessed by using See All in the RH corner.

The Reassurance (1995) high voice and piano (5′)

Commissioned by: AIDS Quilt Songbook
Premiere: Terry Rhodes, soprano; Stephen Jaffe, piano

Homage to the Breath (2000-01) Instrumental and Vocal Meditations for mezzo-soprano and ten players, with a text by Thich Nhat Hanh (24′)

Premiere: 21st Century Consort/Christopher Kendall/Milagro Vargas

Pedal Point (1993) baritone, 3 vle., 4 vc., timpani (18′)

Premiere: P. Becker, baritone; Duke University Summer Festival; Tonu Kalam, conductor.