Selected Vocal Music


Who Cooks for You? (2009) mezzo-soprano, alto flute, guitar, viola (3’)

Premiere: Monadnock Music; Jana Batty, mezzo-soprano

Video: Richard Wilbur recites his poem, and Jana Batty sings

Fort Juniper Songs (1989) soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano (18′) (Poems of Robert Francis)

Premiere: Terry Rhodes, soprano; Ellen Williams, mezzo soprano; Michael Zenge, piano.

Four Songs With Ensemble (1988)  mezzo-sop., alto fl (& fl.), vla., vc., pno. 18′

Premiere: Katherine Ciesinski, mezzo-soprano; An Appalachian Summer; Stephen Jaffe, conductor

The Reassurance (1995) high voice and piano (5′)

Comissioned by: AIDS Quilt Songbook
Premiere: Terry Rhodes, soprano; Stephen Jaffe, piano

Homage to the Breath (2000-01) Instrumental and Vocal Meditations for mezzo-soprano and ten players, with a text by Thich Nhat Hanh (24′)

Premiere: 21st Century Consort/Christopher Kendall/Milagro Vargas

Pedal Point (1993) baritone, 3 vle., 4 vc., timpani (18′)

Premiere: P. Becker, baritone; Duke University Summer Festival; Tonu Kalam, conductor.


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